Golf is maybe the most innovative game of castle all. Golf also has some of the many strict rules, including some relating come the number of golf clubs enabled in a golf bag. If you a beginner, it’s crucial for girlfriend to have a clean idea of all the subtle details the the game. Her ignorance concerning the game can also lead to frustrating penalty that will mess increase your whole scorecard if you’re playing in a tournament.

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There is no laxity in the dominance while play a tournament. This is due to the fact that the dominion was set to rise the level of challenge of the game and make that even much more challenging. So, going v that logic, it no make feeling that the ascendancy will it is in bent or made functional for certain situations. This way that if you’re play in a tournament, you should not bring “too many” clubs. Even Ian Woosnam was penalized for this wrong in the british Open.


However, the dominion relaxes once you’re simply practicing. Main golf rules permit you to lug as countless clubs together you want as soon as practicing. So, if you’re simply playing a exercise round, for fun, or heading come the control range, friend can carry as many clubs together you want – 15, 18, or even 33.


Our final Thoughts

When she watching golf top top TV, you could think the game seems at sight easy and that the golfers only need to walk to the ball and swing the club. But, a lot goes on in the background that helps determine exactly how well a golfer performs ~ above the course. Among many things, the performance of a golfer mostly depends on the kind of clubs they chose to beat with and also the shots they’re able come make. Also, to prevent any kind of penalties during the round, it’s vital for players to not have an ext than the 14 clubs enabled in your bag.


If you’re playing in a golf tournament, you should constantly remember come count your clubs before you collection out for the golf course. As stated above, even one extra club can price you strokes as you will be penalized because that breaking critical rule that the game. Before the round, you likewise have to recognize what the playing conditions are so the you can select your set of clubs accordingly. The right set of the clubs will enable you to play the course much more efficiently and also make far better shots. For instance, if you’re playing a shorter golf course, you might want more wedges and fewer woods.

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If she a little intimidated by the 14 golf society limit, it is in advised the there is no border on the minimum variety of clubs and also you don’t necessarily have actually to bring ALL 14 clubs. If she comfortable playing with, say, 10 clubs, it is fine.