Although over there are countless facets to Lionel Messi"s game, his goalscoring frequency is increase there with the very best in the history of the game. His document in the Champions league is commonly staggering, and also over the last te the Argentine and also his chief competitor Cristiano Ronaldo have actually consistently raised the bar through which others space measured.

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Currently top top 123 career Champions league goals, Messi is searching down his Portuguese nemesis because that the in its entirety record. So, how has he gone about his organization in Europe"s premier society competition? In this frequently updated analysis, us delve into the numbers behind his success:

Last updated after ~ Matchday 3 the the 2021/22 season



Messi score at least six Champions league goals for 12 continuous seasons in between 2007/08 and 2018/19.The PSG man"s many prolific project was 2011/12 (14).



Messi owns the record for the many goals scored by a solitary player in the team stage (74).The Argentine has likewise notched much more goals in the round of 16 than any kind of other player (29).

BY pitch AREA


Over two-thirds (67.5%) the Messi"s Champions organization strikes have actually come from within the punish area (not consisting of 6 yard box goals).Just under a 5th (15.5%) have actually been scored from inside the 6 garden box.



Messi has only scored 4 headers in the champion League, although one of those was versus Manchester united in the 2008/09 final.



82.1% the Messi"s goals have come from open play, whilst he has actually reached double figures from the spot.Messi has scored 5 free-kicks in his Champions organization career.


Messi has scored a slightly higher proportion of his Champions organization goals in the second half of matches, v 59 coming before the break and 64 after.


Two the Messi"s peak three many prolific time periods are at the finish of every half, return it need to be noted that these segments encompass injury time.Messi has actually never featured in a champions League enhance that has actually gone to extra-time.


Clubs hailing native 17 various nations have been ~ above the receiving end of a Messi goal in the champion League.Messi"s 27 goals against English clubs is one behind Ronaldo"s document for the many goals scored against teams native one nation (Ronaldo has actually scored 28 times versus German opposition)


In terms of particular clubs, the PSG frontman has been on the scoresheet versus 37 various opponents.Messi has scored in ~ least five times versus eight various clubs in the champions League, three of those being British.


Messi has scored past 55 different goalkeepers in the champion League.Bernd Leno and also Christian Abbiati have the unfortunate difference of conceding the many goals to Messi (seven).


26 different players have actually assisted Messi in the champions league.Andres Iniesta has actually been his most constant supplier, with the Spaniard teeing increase Messi for 13 goals in the competition.

See exactly how Lionel Messi"s Champions organization goalscoring record compares to that of Cristiano Ronaldo.

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