Calculate the volume of a pipe offered its within diameter and length. The calculator will likewise find exactly how much that volume the water weighs.

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The volume of liquid in a pipe have the right to be discovered given the within diameter the the pipe and also the length. To estimate pipe volume, use the complying with formula:

volume = π × d24 × h

Thus, the volume that a pipe is equal to pi time the pipeline diameter d squared end 4, times the length of the pipe h.


This formula is acquired from the cylinder volume formula, i m sorry can likewise be provided if you recognize the radius that the pipe.

volume = π × r2 × h


Find the diameter and also length the the pipeline in customs or millimeters. Usage our feet and also inches calculator to calculation a size in inches or millimeters.

If you’re unsure what the within diameter the a pipeline is but you recognize the outer diameter describe the common pipe size tables to discover the most likely inner diameter of her pipe.

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Enter the length and also diameter values into the formula above to calculation the volume that the pipe.

Example: calculate the volume that a 2″ diameter pipe that is 50′ long

length = 50′ × 12 = 600″volume = π × 224 × 600″volume = 3.1415 × 44 × 600″volume = 3.1415 × 1 × 600″volume = 1885 in3

Volume and also Weight that Water for usual Pipe Sizes

Volume and weight the water per foot for typical pipe size Pipe SizeVolumeWeight
1/8“0.1473 in30.000637 gal0.005323 lbs
1/4“0.589 in30.00255 gal0.0213 lbs
3/8“1.325 in30.005737 gal0.0479 lbs
1/2“2.356 in30.0102 gal0.0852 lbs
3/4“5.301 in30.0229 gal0.1916 lbs
1″9.425 in30.0408 gal0.3407 lbs
1 1/4“14.726 in30.0637 gal0.5323 lbs
1 1/2“21.206 in30.0918 gal0.7665 lbs
2″37.699 in30.1632 gal1.363 lbs
2 1/2“58.905 in30.255 gal2.129 lbs
3″84.823 in30.3672 gal3.066 lbs
4″150.8 in30.6528 gal5.451 lbs
5″235.62 in31.02 gal8.517 lbs
6″339.29 in31.469 gal12.264 lbs
Volume and weight of water every meter for typical metric pipe size Pipe SizeVolumeWeight
6 mm28,274 mm30.0283 l0.0283 kg
8 mm50,265 mm30.0503 l0.0503 kg
10 mm78,540 mm30.0785 l0.0785 kg
15 mm176,715 mm30.1767 l0.1767 kg
20 mm314,159 mm30.3142 l0.3142 kg
25 mm490,874 mm30.4909 l0.4909 kg
32 mm804,248 mm30.8042 l0.8042 kg
40 mm1,256,637 mm31.257 l1.257 kg
50 mm1,963,495 mm31.963 l1.963 kg
65 mm3,318,307 mm33.318 l3.318 kg
80 mm5,026,548 mm35.027 l5.027 kg
100 mm7,853,982 mm37.854 l7.854 kg
125 mm12,271,846 mm312.272 l12.272 kg
150 mm17,671,459 mm317.671 l17.671 kg