In third grade geometry us will discuss inbrief about some of the typical solid figures named below:(i) Cube: an interpretation of cube, components of a cube, properties of a cube.

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(ii) Cuboid: definition of cuboid

(iii) Cylinder: definition of cylinder

(iv) Cone: meaning of cone

(v) Sphere: an interpretation of sphere

Definition of a cube:

An object which looks prefer solid box-shapedthat has six identical square faces.

A cube has actually 6 same and plane surfaces. Allthe encounters of a cube space square in shape.


Two adjoining airplane – surfaces meet at anedge. There room 12 edge in a cube and all the 12 edges space equal in length.These edges are straight edges.

The meeting allude of 2 edges is referred to as avertex. In a cube there space 8 together vertices.

Parts the a cube:

(i)Face: Face is likewise known as sides. A cube has sixfaces and all the faces of a cube room square in shapes. Each challenge has fourequal sides.

(ii)Edge: when two edges meet each various other a line segmentformed. There are 12 edge in a cube. Every the 12 edges are equal in lengthbecause all faces are squares. This edges space straight edges.

(iii)Vertex: as soon as three edges satisfy each various other a pointformed. There room 8 vertices in a cube.

(iv)Face Diagonals: confront Diagonals the a cube is theline segment the joins the contrary vertices that a face. There room 2 diagonalsin each face so completely there space 12 diagonals in the cube.

(v) SpaceDiagonals: an are diagonals the a cube space the linesegment that joins the opposite vertices the a cube, cutting v itsinterior. There space 4 an are diagonals in a cube.

Properties the a cube:

Volume: The volume the a cube is s3 wherein s is the size of one edge. Surface Area: The surface area the a cube is 6s2, whereby s is the size of one edge.

Definition that cuboid:

The cuboid has 6 rectangular faces. Theopposite rectangular plane surfaces are the same (equal in every respects). Ithas 8 vertices and also 12 edges.

In a cuboid there space 6 rectangular planesurfaces. There are 8 vertices and also 12 edges.


A cube is additionally a cuboid having actually all its 6faces equal and also square. Thus, a cube has actually all the six deals with identical, vice versa, acuboid has actually the opposite deals with identical.

Properties of a cuboid:

Formulas because that the over rectangular box:

Volume: The volume that a cuboid is lwh, wherein l is the length, w isthe width and h is the height.

LateralSurface Area: The lateral surface ar area the a cuboidis 2lh + 2wh, where l is the length,w is the width and h is the height.

SurfaceArea: The surface ar area that a cuboid is 2lw + 2lh +2wh, where l is the length, w is the width and also h is the height.

Definition the cylinder:

A cylinder stand on a one planesurface having circular aircraft surfaces ~ above its top and bottom. For this reason a cylinderhas two circular airplane surfaces, one at its base and also another in ~ its top. The hasa curved surface ar in the middle.

It has actually two edges, at which the two planesurfaces fulfill with the curved surface. These edges space curved edges.

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In a cylinder there room 2 airplane surfacesand 1 curved surface. There room 2 edges and no vertices.