Horses evolved to graze all day lengthy, however that’s simply not helpful or also possible for many kind of barns. No issue what a horse’s situation, she need to eat 1 to 2% of her body weight in forage per day. How much is that? How perform you understand just how much hay to feed a horse? Let’s take a look.

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Horse Talk – forage: Plant material (greatly plant leaves and stems) eaten by steeds and also ponies and other grazing livestock. The most common forages incorporate pasture grasses, long-stem hay, hay cubes, and hay pellets.

1. If your steed weighs 400 kg (880 lbs) and you were feeding her 2% of her body weight in hay each day, exactly how much hay would you feed her each day?


It’s Time to Bring in the Hay! – Answers:

1. If your horse weighs 400 kg (880 lbs) and you were feeding her 2% of her body weight, just how a lot hay would certainly you feed her each day?Metric Answer: 400 kg × .02 = 8 kg. She would be acquiring 8 kg of hay each day.Imperial Answer: 880 lbs × .02 = 17.6 lbs. She would certainly be acquiring 18 lbs of hay each day.

2. How much does one flake of the local first reduced hay weigh?Answer: 50 ÷ 12 = 4.166. One flake of neighborhood initially reduced hay weighs 4 pounds.

3. If you were feeding a horse, Barney, 20 pounds of the initially reduced neighborhood hay per day, exactly how many kind of flakes would you feed him?Answer: 20 ÷ 4 = 5. You would certainly feed 5 flakes of hay each day.

4. How many kind of bales would certainly you should feed Barney for a totality week?Answer:Tip 1: 5 (flakes per day) × 7 (days in a week) = 35. This is the variety of flakes you would require for Barney for one week.Step 2. 35 ÷ 12 (variety of flakes in one bale) = 2.916. You would certainly need 3 bales of hay per week to feed Barney.

5. How much would certainly it price to feed Barney hay for one week?Answer: 3 (bales) × $7.95 = $23.85. It would certainly price $23.85 per week to feed Barney.

6. Calculate the how a lot it would certainly expense to feed Barney hay for the month of July.Answer:Step 1: Calculate expense per day. $23.85 ÷ 7 = $3.407. The hay would cost $3.41 per day.Tip 2: $3.41 × 31 = $105.71. It would certainly price $105.71 each month to feed hay to Barney.This will vary slightly from month to month. Why? Since some months have even more days than others.

7. Imagine you’ve picked up a pack of hay for Barney. You’ve gained 25 bales of the first reduced neighborhood hay in the ago of your pickup truck. How much did this hay cost?Answer: 25 × $7.95 = $198.75. The hay expense $198.75.

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8. How many days will certainly this amount of hay feed Barney?Answer: 25 ÷ 3 (bales per week) = 8.33. Twenty-5 bales of hay will last 8 weeks.

9. After unloading and also stacking the bales, just how much weight will you have actually carried? Write your answer in word form.Answer: 25 (bales) × 50 lbs = 1250 lbs. You will certainly have actually carried one thousand also 2 hundred and also fifty pounds!

Usual Core:4.OA.A.2 – Divide by 2-digit numbers: word problems; Addition, subtractivity, multiplication, and also division word problems5.NBT.B.7 – Multiply a decimal by a one-digit whole number; Multiply a decimal by a multi-digit whole number; Add, subtract, multiply, and also divide decimals: word problems6.NS.B.3 – Fluently include, subtract, multiply, and divide multi-digit decimals utilizing the standard algorithm for each procedure.6.RP.A.3c – Percents of numbers: word problems

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