Unlike other mammals, the gigantic panda has 6 toes rather of 5. However, this extra toe, i beg your pardon acts as a thumb, is no a actual toe.

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Bear has 5 fingers.

Mother Nature endowed the bear through an elongated wrist bone. This enables him to grab bamboo stalks, his only food.

Panda has five fingers & one finger.

Bamboo has actually a an extremely low nutritional value. Therefore, in order to survive, the panda should eat around 30 kg that bamboo per day. And also without an additional “gripping tool” he would hardly have actually been able to perform this. By the way, the panda frequently eats much more than 14 hrs a day.


Unfortunately, the habitat of these cute, lazy bears is under threat. While the staying specimens space well protected, the fairly slow reproduction price is not specifically conducive come a rapid populace increase.

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