I to be assuming that prefer in sphere, there is one confront only. In the same way, a Cone has actually 2 faces.

Base. I beg your pardon is circular face.Curved surface ar as presented in the image below.

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Can you provide your beneficial feedback around my understanding?



$egingroup$ The an initial link says $2$ faces too (read again). The third link says $1$ $flat$ face. $endgroup$
It depends whether an open cone or nearby cone. An open up cone doesn"t incorporate the circular basic while a close cone includes.

By the way, a nearby cylinder should encompass two circular bases and also one bent surface. You may have actually a semi-open cylinder (e.g. Cylindrical pencil stand) which has one base. The main point of a toilet file roll has two end open, the is one curved surface ar only.

P.S.:In calculus texts, a cone is approached by a polygonal pyramid. For this reason a bent surface has infinitely numerous "faces" (that way tiny planes).

In differential geometry or topology, sphere and also torus have inner and also outer surfaces while Klein bottle is one-sided.


A cone has actually a level circular confront as that base, and also a bent surface seen as its curved challenge connecting the base boundary to a single point apex... There space two surfaces and also an leaf connecting them.

The curved cone surface is the amount of an infinite number of flat triangular faces.


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