Pyramids are three-dimensional structures having actually triangle faces and have one encompassing polygon shape at that base. If the base of a pyramid is rectangular, then it is called a rectangular pyramid. Though the form of the basic is rectangular, the sides of all pyramids space in a triangular shape. So, whenever we view a pyramid, it resembles a triangle from every of the sides. The shape of the pyramid will assist us to determine the surface ar area and volume of the pyramid.

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Like various other shapes, we have learned so far in geometry, the pyramid is likewise defined by your properties. The significant properties of the rectangular pyramid are based on edges, faces and vertices.


As debated in the introduction, a rectangle-shaped pyramid is a pyramid, which has a rectangular-shaped base. If us look in ~ the bottom view of this pyramid, that looks like a rectangle. Hence, the base has actually two parallel sides equal.

A pyramid crowns in ~ a allude on optimal of the base, which is well-known as the apex. A rectangular pyramid deserve to be a appropriate pyramid or tilt pyramid. If the is a right rectangle-shaped pyramid, climate the apex lies best over the center of the base and also if the is one oblique rectangular pyramid, the apex is not straight over the facility of the base, yet at some angle indigenous the center.


Apart indigenous the rectangular pyramid, there room other types of pyramids based on the form of your bases, such as:

Triangular PyramidSquare PyramidPentagonal PyramidHexagonal Pyramid

Faces, Edges and Vertices

The faces, edges and also vertices of any pyramid space their vital features. Allow us comment on these three properties of the rectangle-shaped pyramid.

Faces: A rectangle-shaped pyramid has a complete of 5 faces. One challenge is its rectangle-shaped base and the remainder four deals with are its four triangular-shaped faces. All the triangular faces here room congruent come the opposite triangle face.

Vertex: over there is a complete of five vertices of a rectangular pyramid. This vertices room the point where the edges accomplish or intersect. One of the vertices is at the top above the base, where the triangular faces of the pyramid meet. Rest four vertices lie at the edge of the rectangular base.

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Edges: A rectangle-shaped pyramid has actually eight edges. Every edge is developed by the intersection that two faces or surfaces. Four out of eight edge are situated on the rectangle-shaped base, if the other four edges kind slopes over the basic to a height point, i m sorry is the peak of the pyramid.

Rectangular Pyramid Formula

The formula for surface ar area and also volume the a rectangular pyramid is provided here: