A rectangle-shaped prism is a prism with rectangular bases. The lateral deals with of a rectangular prism room parallelograms. Below are a few examples of rectangular prisms.

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A rectangle-shaped prism is a shape that is generally seen in daily life. A box, one eraser, and also an aquarium space all examples of genuine life objects that deserve to be in the shape of a rectangle-shaped prism.


Characteristics that a rectangle-shaped prism

A rectangular prism is fastened by six encounters consisting the two rectangle-shaped bases and also four lateral encounters in the form of a parallelogram. A rectangle-shaped prism has 12 edges and 8 vertices. The 12 edges of a rectangular prism space in 3 teams of parallel lines. The parallel edges room equal in length.


The opposite encounters are parallel and congruent to every other. Any cross section that is parallel to a confront of a rectangle-shaped prism has the shape of a rectangle or parallelogram and is congruent to the face.


Two rectangular cross sections for the rectangle-shaped prism are shown in green above. They are congruent to the two rectangular bases the the prism due to the fact that they are formed by overcome sections that room in airplane parallel to the bases. This is true for any cross section parallel come the encounters of a rectangular prism.

Rectangular prism classifications

Rectangular prisms deserve to be classified based on how your bases and lateral encounters intersect or meet. A right rectangular prism has actually bases that are perpendicular to its lateral faces, definition that they meet at right angles. A rectangle-shaped prism that doesn"t accomplish these problems is rather an oblique rectangle-shaped prism. A right rectangular prism is likewise called a cuboid.

Right rectangular prismOblique rectangle-shaped prism

There are likewise rectangular prisms the have details names based on their characteristics:

A appropriate square prism is a right rectangle-shaped prism through square bases.

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Volume the a rectangle-shaped prism

The volume, V, that a rectangle-shaped prism is

V = l·w·h

where l is the size of the base, w is the broad of the base, and also h is the elevation of the prism. For a right rectangular prism, the elevation is its upright edge. Because that an oblique rectangle-shaped prism, the height is the perpendicular street from any suggest on one basic to the various other base.