It"s been 108 years because the ill-fated RMS Titanic struggle an iceberg on her maiden voyage, falling come the Atlantic seabed where the hull tho rests today. More than 1,500 passed away on 14 April 1912 making it one of the most tragic maritime tragedies of every time. Right here we look in ~ what life – and also food – was favor onboard the most famed liner in history.

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Why are we for this reason fascinated?


Many components led come the tragedy: the claim that the Titanic – at the moment the biggest ship ever constructed – was unsinkable, the unusual mix of weather the drove icebergs further south 보다 usual and the absence of lifeboats all played a component in the shockingdeath toll. Yet it's thestories ofthe celebrities the the day that were onboard, the thin size and splendour the the ship, and also how it emphasize the Edwardian class divide that have actually captivated human being through the decades.

Titanic provisions: what food come onboard


The Titanic was the most luxurious ship afloat andfood onboardwas a large part of the liner's appeal.Meals wereincluded in the ticket price for practically all passengers, v the exception of thosein the à la carte restaurant. There was sufficient to cater because that 2,200 world on what should have actually been a week-long voyage. Hefty provisions contained 75,000lbs that meat, 11,000lbs of fresh fish, 40 tonnes of potatoes, 40,000 eggs, 7,000 heads of lettuce, 10,000lbs of sugar, 250 barrels flour, 36,000 apples, 1,500 gallons that milk and also 15,000 party of ale.

Life for third-class passengers


Fares native those emigrating to the brand-new World werebig company for shipping companies and also many that those search a brand-new life would have been in third class (also known as steerage). Titanic’s third class was claimed to resemble 2nd class in comparison to various other steamships, yet was also more expensive. Over there were two modest dining rooms, communal rooms, deck space and even running water and electricity (a novelty because that many). The cabins, shown in this picture, to be separated into berths for single men located near the bow, while single women were housed in ~ the other end of the ship close to the stern, and also families.

Dining in third class


The food and also dining rooms were level in comparison come the first- and also second-class experience, but were tho a an excellent improvement for steerage passenger of the time, that usually had to lug their own food. The dining locations were painted white with bright side lighting, long communal wood tables and also chairs and enamelled walls. Pictured is the third-class dining saloon (1911) on the RMS Olympic, the Titanic’s near-identical sisters ship.

Dining in third class


Food to be surprisingly good quality because that third-class passengers. The White Star heat (who owned the Titanic) available freshly baked bread and fruit daily and meals were better than those most passengers might afford at home. For instance the Goodwin family, pictured here, would certainly have consumed well. As soon as the delivery went down plenty of steerage passengers shed their lives, consisting of Mr and also Mrs Frederick Goodwin and also all your children.
Breakfast was critical meal for Edwardians and also on the morning the the 14 April (the day before the sinking) passenger tucked into a number of foods common of the period. There was oatmeal v milk, exhilaration herrings (pictured), jacket potatoes, ham and also eggs, fresh bread and also butter, marmalade, sweden bread, tea and also coffee.
On 14 April, the steerage lunch menu had rice soup, new bread, cabin biscuits (often consumed to minimize seasickness), roast beef and brown gravy, sweetcorn, boiled potatoes, plum pudding, sweet sauce and also fruit.
In 3rd class there to be no dinner, i beg your pardon was thought about a middle- and also upper-class idea. Instead, tea and also supper were served. Tea contained cold meat, cheese, pickles, new bread and also butter, and also tea. Pudding was stewed figs and rice. Supper to be gruel (a kind of slim porridge), cabin biscuits and cheese.
Sadly, for thousands of people, tea and also supper, was the last meal they ate. The best loss of life was amongst third-class passengers who cabins and also public areas were in the lowest part of the ship and so to be most fragile when catastrophe struck. About 75% perished, the majority of which were men.
Living a little more luxuriously, second-class passengers had actually comfortable cabins with shared bathrooms, accessibility to a library, a men-only smoking room (common exercise at the time), a large, handsome dining room and also promenade decks. Pictured is a duration illustration that a second-class stateroom on the RMS Titanic.
While not as cool as first-class dining facilities, the second-class dining room to be still a vision to behold. It was an attractive space huge enough come seat all second-class passengers, with oak-panelled walls, coloured linoleum floors, lengthy tables and also mahogany swivel chairs. Pictured here is the second-class dining room on the Olympic.
Although there was less choice for second-class passengers 보다 those in first class, the mainly British food was still that a high standard and also a step up from third-class victuals. This impressive breakfast menu from the 11 April reflects hearty options and lot of of protein, consisting of Yarmouth bloaters (smoked herring), ox kidneys and bacon, sausages, grilled ham and fried eggs. Pictured is a second-class breakfast food selection as checked out on display at the SeaCity Museum, Southampton.
There to be plenty of filling fare in a second-class breakfast too, including oats, hominy (a type of grits), three types of potatoes, Vienna rolls, Graham rolls, soda scones (pictured) and also buckwheat cake. Because that something sweet, there were assorted conserves, but the just nod come vegetables to be watercress.
On 12 April second-class guests – such as schoolteacher Lawrence Beesley (pictured on the ideal in the gymnasium ~ above the Titanic) who made it through the sinking and also later composed a book about the tragedy – tucked into pea soup, spaghetti au gratin, corned beef, vegetable dumplings, roast mutton, roast beef, coat potatoes, sausages, ox tongue, pickles and salad.

For dessert there to be tapioca pudding, apologize tart, fresh fruit, cheese and also biscuits, and coffee. These American and also British dishes, cooked in the same galley as an initial class, made up a hearty lunch – albeit a much less elegant one than those dining in the á la carte restaurant 2 decks above.

The critical meal plenty of second-class passengers ate made up of a starter that consommé v tapioca then a choice of mains including baked haddock v sharp sauce (a tangy sauce v a vinegar base), curried chicken and rice, feather lamb with mint sauce or roast turkey through cranberry sauce. Sides to be peas, pureed turnips, boiled and roast potatoes, and also rice. Pictured is a copy the a second-class dinner food selection on the 14 April.
Guests, blithely oblivious come the tragedy about to occur, consumed plum pudding (pictured), wine jelly, ‘cocoanut sandwich’, American ice cream, assorted nuts, fruits, cheese and also biscuits, and coffee because that dessert. One second-class passenger comment “no initiative had been spared to give even the second-class cabin passengers… the best dinner the money deserve to buy”.
Titanic’s first-class passengers, such together American socialite Molly Brown (pictured), supposed the best and would feast prefer royalty every day. This rich and also often celebrated guests could easily afford very first class, a ticket because that which cost between £30 (around £2,700/$3,500 today) and £870 (£76,000/ $100,000 today). As was the fashion in upper-class circles, the food was French with some standard British and American dishes.
For first-class passengers the upper component of the Titanic was as sumptuously decorated together a high-class hotel. There to be lavish staterooms, a grand staircase, a swim pool, a Turkish bath, a gym, a squash court, recreation rooms and also multiple dining rooms all resplendently decorated. Pictured is stateroom B-58 top top the Titanic, decorated in luigi XVI style.

The enormous Jacobean-inspired dining saloon was situated in the middle of the delivery to offer diners the smoothest passage. It was lined through white painted wood panelling, beautiful leaded-glass windows obscured the portholes and also tables to be laid for 2 to eight guests. A bugle sounded the signalled guests head come the reception room, wherein they stopper cocktails before dinner. Breakfast was offered 8–10am; having lunch 1–2.30pm; and dinner 7-8.15pm. Pictured here is the first-class dining saloon top top RMS Olympic.

For one extra cost, first-class passengers could book to dine in ~ restaurateur Luigi Gatti’s intimate à la carte restaurant nicknamed the “Ritz” (pictured). The elegant an are was completely carpeted with French walnut-panelled walls and picture windows. Little tables were lit by decision lamps and guests could eat any time in between 8am and also 11pm, which made that a well-known choice. Gatti and also the bulk of the kitchen staff died when the Titanic sank.
As well as the dining saloon and also luxurious à la carte restaurant first-class passengers had other places to eat consisting of the Veranda Café, and also the cafe Parisien (pictured). Both had wicker chairs and ivy coloured trellises, the previous resembled an out terrace of a nation hotel and also the last a café on a Parisian sidewalk, regardless of being totally enclosed.
The key difference in between breakfasts in first and second class was that diners in the height tier might have food such as omelettes, chops and steaks cooked come order. Over there were additionally four species of cooking egg to choose from, three species of potato, and more fish choices including acting salmon.
On the 14 April, guests in the dining saloon might opt because that one of 4 starters including fillets the brill and also egg à l"argenteuil, then select items indigenous the grill and also the substantial buffet that consisted of veal and also ham pie, potted shrimps, galantine the chicken, Norwegian anchovies, beetroot and also tomatoes. Pictured is a first-class food selection on display in The tiny Museum of Dublin, donated through the family of a Titanic survivor.
Dessert to be a generous choice of English and French cheese that consisted of Camembert, Roquefort, Cheddar and also Stilton, washed down through a tankard the Munich lager (for one extra cost).
The last enjoy the meal for first-class diners to be a cool affair that contained starters the canapés and oysters, a second course the consommé Olga (a clean veal soup garnished with scallops), a third course of poached salmon through mousseline sauce, and a 4th course that filet mignons Lili or chicken Lyonnaise with marrow farci (stuffed vegetables).
The mains catered to many people’s tastes. There to be lamb, duckling and beef, through buttery roast potatoes, boiled potatoes, produced peas, carrots and also rice. After a rum-infused palate cleanser of punch romaine (the sixth course), guests relocated on come roasted squab (pigeon) with wilted cress, asparagus salad with Champagne saffron vinaigrette and also pâté de foie gras through celery. In fact, through a grand full of 11 courses, it’s hard to imagine just how they equipment it all in.
To ring off that fateful meal, there to be Waldorf pudding, peaches in Chartreuse jelly, chocolate and also vanilla éclairs, French ice cream, assorted fresh fruit and cheeses. While some first-class diners would certainly have eaten in one of the cafés or the à la carte restaurant, for others this would have actually been their last enjoy the meal – a couple of hours later more than 120 first-class passenger died, greatly men.
People remain in awe that the Titanic, particularly its glamour and opulence, so when a first-class food selection of the an initial lunch aboard the ship went up because that auction in 2018 the fetched £100,000 ($131,097). Date 12 April, 1912, it belonged to second Officer Charles Lightoller. In 2012 the last lunch food selection sold for £76,000 ($99,670). Pictured is a first-class food selection on screen at Bonhams auction house, new York, 2012.
In 2012, the Hullett residence Hotel in Hong Kong (pictured) organized a £1,470 ($1,930) every head dinner to commemorate the 100th anniversary the the Titanic’s sinking. The ten-course dinner was inspired by the last meal offered in the first-class dining saloon and also included bottles of wine salvaged from the wreck.

Rayanne home in Belfast, northern Ireland,(where the Titanic to be built) usually uses a nine-course Titanic menu influenced by what first-class passenger would have actually eaten. Courses incorporate poached salmon through mousseline sauce, filet mignon with foie gras and also truffle, and also spiced peaches in Chartreuse jelly.

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To learn much more about the food and also drink served on the doomed liner read Rick Archebold’s The last Dinner ~ above the Titanic and also RMS Titanic Dinner is served by Yvonne Hulme, the good niece of musician John law Hulme who died while working on the ship.

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We expose themost decadent airline menus throughout history

There are many exhibitions and also memorials specialized to the Titanic. Titanic Belfast supplies the definitive Titanic Experience, while Seacity Museum, Southampton tells a tale of a town where much more than 500 families lost a family member. Mersey maritime Museum, Liverpool describes the city's ar in the Titanic's story.