There are a lot of of means to measure her ingredients as soon as you are cooking and also it it have the right to become very frustrating when you execute not have actually the same the exact same measuring tools as the persons talked around in the recipe.

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Don’t worry, we have actually your earlier on this.

We will help you figure out how plenty of cups there space in a lb of sugar. If you desire to be reliable in the kitchen that is a great idea to acquire a tight on few of the straightforward conversions.

It is also important to keep in mind that measurements may vary according to what kind of street you room using as the finer the street the lighter it is going to be for the very same volume in the measuring cup.

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Quick overview – How numerous cups in a pound of sugar

If you space in a rush here is a chart that will offer you an idea the what you must do.

1 lb granulated sugar = 2 ¼ cups (540ml)1 pound brown sugar = 2 ⅔ cups(640ml)1 lb powdered sugar = 4 cup (960ml)

What is powdered sugar?


Understanding the science behind cooking helps me to understand what space the best tools for a specific job.I choose to aid people much better understand exactly what the is that they need when it pertains to buying because that the kitchen.

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