The U.S. State of Rhode Island is separated into 5 Counties. Explore the Rhode Island county Map, every Counties list in addition to their County seats in alphabetical order and also their population, areas and also the day of formation.

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About Rhode Island county Map: The map reflecting the ar boundary, all counties boundary, state capital and also neighbouring states.

About Counties the Rhode Island

U.S State that Rhode Island is situated in new England part of the unified States. ~ the civil battle the state was not willing to sign up with the Union. Once the bill of civil liberties was added in the constitution Rhode Island joined in the Union as thirteenth state in the year 1790. Rhode Island is the smallest state by area in the united States and also seventh least populous state. The state is named after the island. The state is bordered by Connecticut come the west, Massachusetts to the north and also Atlantic s to the south. The funding city the Rhode Island is Providence and it is the many populous city in Rhode Island. The climatic condition of the state is continental climate which consists of with hot summers and also cold winters. U.S state that Rhode Island is one the claims that has fewer counties in the state.

Counties of Rhode Island five in number. They space Bristol County, Kent County, Newport County, Providence County and also Washington County. Off all the Counties of Rhode Island the richest county is Newport v $36,994 per capita income. Bristol is the 2nd highest earning county. Also though Rhode Island is separated into counties however counties carry out to have actually county government. The obligation of local government is provided to municipalities because county government was denomination in the year 1842. There room 39 municipalities in the state the Rhode Island. Counties the Rhode Island further separated into municipalities. There room 39 cities and also towns in the state of Rhode Islands. Cities and also towns the the state are split again into villages. There space some powers vested on cities and also towns because that the management purpose and administrative body of city and also town are exercise and administer a the majority of services come the citizen of the state.

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The U.S. State that Rhode Island has actually 5 Counties. This is list of Rhode Island Counties and also County seats in alphabet order in addition to check their population, areas and also the day of formation.

List that Counties in Rhode Island with County Seats

S.NCountyCounty SeatPopulationArea Formed
1Bristol CountyBristol49,87524 sq mi1747
2Kent CountyEast Greenwich166,158168 sq mi1750
3Newport CountyNewport82,888102 sq mi1703
4Providence CountyProvidence626,667409 sq mi1703
5Washington CountySouth Kingstown*126,979329 sq mi1729