Use this web page as straightforward reference to use once you space crocheting blankets or crochet afghans and want to adjust the pattern to different blanket sizes.

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This page and printable blanket dimension chart will aid you out. This blanket sizes graph is similar to our free hook size chart. You’ll discover the printable at the bottom of this post! 🙂

I expect you gain this chart and find it helpful when deciding on what size blanket you want to make.


How blanket Sizes occupational in Crochet

Keep in mind these blankets sizes space approximate and do not need to be followed to the precise measurement. Because that example, If you desire to do a blanket but want that to be 35″ x 35″ the is OK and also would still it is in a an excellent receiving, a lap blanket size or stroller blanket.

If you are making a crochet queen size blanket comforter because that a bed it may be a various story because you would want to have the perfect amount to cover the bed. Really, it is approximately you to decision what is ideal for her situation. 🙂

Standarad Crochet blanket Sizes

These room the usual blanket sizes because that the various uses cases. Friend will watch some patterns deviate indigenous these size slightly, and also that is typically so the a particular pattern go not acquire interrupted choose a chevron or ripple blanket.

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BlanketDimensions (inches)
Lovey12 x 12
Stroller30 x 35
Receiving40 x 40
Baby42 x 52
Throw52 x 60
Twin66 x 90
Full / Queen90 x 90
King108 x 108

Other Crochet blanket Sizes

Lap ceiling Size: A lap blanket is made to fit over a wheelchair or who in a sitting position. Lap ceiling sizes typically variety from 32″ to 48″ wide by 35″ x 40″ length.

Crochet Blankets to Make

Now you must make a blanket through all this dimension information. Below are few of our favorite blanket crochet patterns. All of them can be resized come the different sizes ns outlined above. Some patterns also have all the size spelled the end in the pattern!

You can additionally explore the easy Crochet blanket archives to pick a different blanket that is perfect because that you.

Common Crochet Blanket questions

How large is a Crib Blanket?

The size of a crib ceiling is generally 30″ x 36″. This might vary, however the dimension I pointed out is the most usual crib blanket size.

What size is a infant Blanket?

The typical baby blanket dimension is 42″ x 52″. Friend can likewise crochet or knit baby blankets in a crib size, stroller size, receiving size and lovey size too.

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Have more Crochet ceiling Sizing Questions?

Although I’d love come answer emails personally, that is overwhelming in ~ this moment. Please don’t hesitate come ask in the group instead. Ns pop in there a couple of times a week come answer concerns too, and also everyone in the team is nice! Promise!

You can likewise use my blanket resizing calculator to resize any kind of blanket pattern to acquire a beginning chain and complete yardage.

Crochet blanket Sizes Chart

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