Yukon yellow potato: calories, protein, carbs and fat in 100g, ounce, one Yukon gold potato, cup and more

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100g of Yukon gold potatoes have about 74 calories (kcal). Calories per: ounce | one Yukon yellow potato | cup | fifty percent cup | large size

come illustrate, medium size Yukon gold potato (138 g) has about 102 calories.

It is about 4% of day-to-day calories intake because that adult human with medium weight and also medium task (for calculation we assumed 2400 kcal day-to-day intake).

Add Yukon yellow potato to kcal calculator

To visualize how much that actualy is, take it in mind that calories amount from tool size Yukon yellow potato is comparable to calories amount from ie.:

1.5 apples1 glass that Coca Cola (220 ml glass)1 slice of cheese0.5 part of bread0.5 glass of milk5 cubes that sugar

for burning together amount of calorie you must bike at the very least 15 minutes, swim for around 12 minutes or operation for 10 minutes.

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per 100 gper ounce
Calories74 ~ 21
Carbs Total17.57 g~ 5 g
Dietary fiber1.4 g~ 0.4 g
Protein2.03 g~ 0.6 g

How countless calories in 1, 2, 3 or 5 Yukon gold potatoes?

As i wrote before medium dimension Yukon gold potato (138 g) have 102 calories. That is easy to count the two Yukon gold potatoes have about 204 calorie and also three Yukon gold potatoes have around 306 calories. In table listed below you can additionally see calories amount because that four and also five Yukon yellow potatoes.

Medium size Yukon yellow potato (138 g)102 kcalCup that Yukon gold potato (150g)111 kcalHalf cup of Yukon gold potato (75g)56 kcalYukon yellow potato large size (200g)148 kcalOunce (oz) that Yukon yellow potatoes21 kcalHalf of medium size Yukon yellow potato51 kcalSmall dimension Yukon yellow potato (110g)81.6 kcalBig size Yukon yellow potato (179g)132.6 kcalTwo tool size Yukon yellow potatoes204 kcalThree medium size Yukon gold potatoes306 kcalFour tool size Yukon gold potatoes408 kcalFive tool size Yukon gold potatoes510 kcal

Protein in Yukon gold potato

Yukon yellow potatoes have actually 2.03 g protein per 100g. As soon as you multiplay this value v weight of medium size Yukon yellow potato (138 g) you can see the you will get about 2.8 g of protein.

Carbs in Yukon gold potatoes

Yukon gold potatoes have 17.57 g carbohydrates every 100g. In the same means as because that protein we can calculate that tool size Yukon gold potato (138 g) has about 24.2 g the carbs.