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Your wellness is important. Don’t hold-up care.

Offering in-person, video clip and phone call visits. Speak to today to view which choice is right for you.


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Stay connected with the UH currently app. V this mobile app, friend can uncover a doctor and also find a location. In addition, you have the right to log into your UH an individual Health Record and schedule an appointment. UH currently also enables you to discover health topics the are important to you. Take fee of your health by downloading and install UH currently today, and also get health and wellness information yielded right to her fingertips.

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For appointments/referrals:1-866-UH4-CARE (1-866-844-2273)216-UH4-KIDS (216-844-5437)

For general information:216-844-8447 or 1-888-844-8447

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National Suicide avoidance Lifeline:1-800-273-8255(24 hours a day, 7 days a week)

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