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There room 290 calories in 1 serving (32 oz) that McDonald's Coca-Cola (Large).
Calorie breakdown: 0% fat, 100% carbs, 0% protein.

Related Sodas native McDonald's:
Coca-Cola (Small)
Hi-C Orange Lavaburst (Large)
Diet Dr. Pepper (Large)
Dr. Pepper (Small)
Sprite (Small)
Diet Dr. Pepper (Medium)
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Iced Coffee with Sugar cost-free Vanilla Syrup (Medium)
McCafe Mocha Frappe
Pumpkin spice Latte (Medium)
Nonfat Vanilla Latte (Small)
Frappe chocolate Chip (Medium)
McCafe Mocha (Large)
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Other species of Sodas:
Cream Soda
Orange Soda
Cola Soda (with Caffeine)
Diet Soda
Cola or Pepper Soda (with Caffeine, with Aspartame)
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Other species of Beverages:
Orange Juice
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