Hi, I have actually 100 amp panel in my house. I recently added 4 an ext circuits to the currently 7 .. Currently i have actually a complete of 10 circuits on it .. The is one old and very tiny house .. Anyway, i would choose to add some added circuits to include an electric water heater, a heat pump, and some 20 amp plugs .. Howmany circuits deserve to i add to a 100amp box? deserve to i put as numerous as I deserve to fit in the panel crate or is there a rule regarding what is the max number of circuit breakers or total amp of circuits u can include to a circuit panel .. Many thanks all.

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For a 100A dashboard the max # that circuits is 20.There space some 100A panels manufactured that allow for approximately 30 circuits. This numbers room for fullsize breakers just not "twins or halfsize" breakers
Actually the border is 42 nevertheless of panel size, back a 32 space is the biggest 100 available, however not readily. Most 100s space 20 room or 20/24. As far as twins (or skinnys, or half size) breakers this has actually ONLY to execute with what the panel will accept. If the dashboard is a 20/24 then it is a 20 space, 24 circuit panel. It have the right to hold 16 complete size breakers and 4 pair breakers because that a total of 24 circuits.Many 100 amp panels are just 20 circuits. 20 complete size breakers only.
ok, the means mine is collection up, the key line comes right into the house and goes v the main breaker, form there, the goes to the meter, and from there it goes come the panel . .on the panel i have around 10 circuits . .so 2 inquiries . .first of all, is this the exactly setup? I believed the main breaker has to come before the panel and not prior to the meter second question, due to the fact that i have only about 10 circuits on my panel, i must be may be to include at the very least 10 more! the sounds great as i believed i had actually to move to a 150amp dashboard ..

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i preferred the setup becasue it permitted me to move the strength off completly before it even goes come the meter . . It allows you to work safely in the panel . .whereas if the key is after ~ the meter (and the key is linked in through the remainder of breaker in the panel, as it is through most modern setups) you need to worry about touching the hot wires in the dashboard .. I wonder why castle don"t continue with this setup!
I would guess one of the reasons this is not done now is by law this the service MUST come right into the house very first and climate to the meter so currently it renders it hard for the POCO to read the meter unless the have a crucial to the house to be able to get to the meter.Also I deserve to see someone DIYer make the efforts to remove the meter and also by passing it in some fashion..not the it would certainly not it is in detected but bank robbers know they will certainly get caught yet still plunder banks..lol...hmm..bad analogy...anyway you obtain my meaning.It to be done many years earlier but simply makes it tough for the POWER company to review the meters....PLUS the POCO run under their very own rules and regulations pertaining come the line side the a meter cab....but in this layout it would autumn under the neighborhood AHJ...and POCO go not favor that....Those space the factors I have the right to come up with.......