Use this “handy” overview to measure degrees on the dome of the sky. Picture via fort Worth astronomical Society.

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The handiest measure stick because that the sky’s dome is the one top top the finish of your arm. You can use the broad of her pinky, fist and more to gauge the distance in between sky objects. That comes in handy when you’re observing conjunctions between planets, or near planets and also stars, or planets and stars and the moon, plus numerous other room objects. You’ll often discover these objects defined as being a certain variety of degrees, arcminutes or arcseconds apart.

Just how far apart is that?

To start with, indigenous one next of the sky all the way across come the various other horizon procedures 180 degrees, or fifty percent a circle. Therefore, native horizon to zenith, the suggest straight above your head, must be 90 levels (this is assuming a flat horizon – no a hilly or such as mountain region).

The general rule amateur astronomers use is that the width of her fist organized at arm’s size equals about 10 degrees. You may look at your fist and the fist that a tiny child and also wonder exactly how both can measure 10 degrees, yet the dimension of peoples’ fists is normally proportional to the size of your arms. Thus, a son with a small fist and small arm will certainly measure about 10 levels from your perspective, simply as one adult with a larger fist and also longer arm procedures 10 levels from their point of view.

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If you want to execute a unstable check, expand your arm and also fist out toward a level horizon. Then place your other arm and fist on peak of the first, and also alternate, trying no to wobble, until you have counted nine fists. Your 9th fist must be pointing straight up (the zenit is at 90 degrees).

For degrees smaller 보다 10, emphasis on simply your fingers. At arm’s length, a pinky measure about 1 come 1.5 degrees, and also your three middle fingers measure about 5 degrees. For bigger degrees, you’ll should stretch those fingers out. To find 15 degrees, usage your table of contents finger and also pinky spread apart, and also to discover 25 degrees, look in ~ the span between your pinky and thumb spread apart.

You deserve to measure 15 levels of sky by the span in between your pinky and index finger. Photo via Sharon Kizer.

The big Dipper is a great target to usage in checking your hand measurements. The finish two stars in the bowl, the ones that are offered to discover Polaris, are around 5 degrees apart. The top two stars in the bowl of the large Dipper room 10 levels apart. And also finally, using the same much star in the key of the big Dipper that you supplied for the an initial two tests (Dubhe, the spot at which water would certainly pour the end if it to be a genuine dipper) plus the finish star in the handle will measure up 25 degrees.

How broad do you think the full moon watch – how plenty of degrees would you mean it come measure? 5 degrees? 2? 1? Most civilization overestimate its size, yet in actuality, the full moon is a mere fifty percent degree across. How around the sun? while instinctually you could want to say the sun is larger, because its actual size is huge if placed side-by-side v the moon, we know that the lot of skies the sun and also moon take it up is same – a half degree. We recognize this without even having to check out the sun with our half-pinky measurement, since we recognize that during total solar eclipses the moon temporary slips just in prior of the sun, blocking all of its light for a fleeting couple of minutes.

Both the sun and moon measure up a fifty percent degree in our sky, which becomes clear once we see the moon sheathe the sun in a complete solar eclipse. Photo via Michael Rodriguez.

Once you have a great grasp that degrees, if you desire to estimate smaller measurements, you need to know that levels are further separated by arcminutes. There room 60 arcminutes in 1 degree, thus the moon and also sun are each 30 arcminutes across. Arcminutes can also be divided. 60 arcseconds make up 1 arcminute. Going back to the huge Dipper, the stars in the bend of the take care of are a double star system named Mizar and Alcor and are separated by simply 12 arcminutes. World with an excellent eyesight deserve to see the two different stars without optical aid. Stars closer 보다 this usually need binoculars or a telescope come split. Mizar has another companion the is even closer than Alcor. Mizar’s dual star is a only 14.4 arcseconds away. Arcminutes are written v the exact same symbol as feet (‘) and arcseconds space written v the inch notation (“).

View in ~ sdrta.net neighborhood Photos. | Jim Peacock caught this photo of the huge Dipper ~ above January 3, 2021, over the horizon of a freeze bay that Lake remarkable in northern Wisconsin. Thanks, Jim! The 2 so-called guideline Stars in the Dipper’s bowl (the 2 stars farthest from the Dipper’s handle) – used to find Polaris, the phibìc Star – are around 5 levels apart. The top 2 stars in the bowl of the big Dipper are 10 degrees apart.
Here are Mizar and also Alcor, a naked-eye twin star you have the right to with your eye alone, 2nd to critical in the handle of the big Dipper. They are 12 arcminutes apart. Picture via Fred Espenak/ astropixels.com.

You have the right to tell just how long until the sun will collection by measure its street from the horizon. The sunlight moves about 15 degrees across the sky in an hour. Moving 15 degrees an hour because that 24 hrs would same 360 degrees, or a complete day native sunset come sunset. (Of course, the sun is not really moving, the is only appearing to move in the skies as earth turns.) mental that uneven you room at the equator, the sun is not moving in a beeline towards the horizon. The sun sinks downward at angle the gets steeper the closer come the poles you located.

View larger. | Abhinav Singhai produced this beautiful composite picture of the sunset end the Taj Mahal. The sunlight crosses 15 degrees of skies every hour, i m sorry can aid you estimate exactly how long till sunset.

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Bottom line: Degrees, arcminutes and arcseconds are all advantageous units of measurement in astronomy. Occasionally your own hand – held at arm’s size – can help. Because that example, your fist organized at arm’s size measures 10 degrees on the sky’s dome. Your pinky at arm’s length measures one degree.