But nothing assume that’s the case for your specific dryer. To see what dimension you need, examine out the ago of your dryer.

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Most dryers have a sticker or steel faceplate close to the bottom the the unit that display screens this information.


An instance of a sticker on an enlarge dryer design that supplies 23 amps. Most contemporary dryers currently use 30 amps. Photo source: Photobucket.com

So why is that so necessary to find the appropriate breaker size for her dryer?

We’ll explain. An initial though, stop look at just how a circuit breaker works.

How a circuit breaker works

A circuit breaker monitors the circulation of electrical energy on a certain circuit. If the existing flowing through that circuit reaches an unsafe level, the breaker “trips” and also cuts off power to the circuit.

So when a circuit breaker trips, the protecting the circuit indigenous overheating and also potentially resulting in an electrical fire.


When the electron flow (seen in blue) is also high for that circuit, your circuit breaker “trips” to the turn off position. Photo source: howequipmentworks.com

Think the a circuit breaker together a web traffic light the is in fee of the circulation of traffic on one certain road. As long as there is a steady and safe quantity of car on the road, the web traffic light remains green. However when too many cars travel down that road at once, the light transforms red and also halts web traffic altogether.

That red irradiate is basically what happens when the circuit breaker “trips” and breaks the flow of electricity.

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So, what wake up if ns install a circuit breaker that is also low?

If your dryer requires 30 amps come operate yet you download a circuit breaker that is reduced than 30 amps (say 20 amps), your circuit breaker will continuously trip.


A circuit breaker comes v preset “directions”. A 20-amp breaker’s direction say to cut power once anything end 20 amps do the efforts to flow through the circuit.

If you download a circuit breaker that is lower than 30 amps, her breaker will expedition every time you use that dryer because the appliance will constantly draw more amps than the circuit breaker is designed to allow

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What wake up if i install a circuit breaker the is too high?

If you download a circuit breaker the is too high, you’re placing that circuit at hazard of dangerous levels of current that have the right to damage your dryer or reason an electrical fire.

A circuit breaker the is also high won’t reduced power to the circuit when electric flow exceeds safe amounts.

Let’s say that you install a 40-amp breaker top top a circuit that is designed come only carry 30 amps.

A 30-amp circuit provides wiring that have the right to only manage 30 amps of electricity, which means anything over 30 amps flowing through that circuit will cause the wires come overheat.

So a 40-amp breaker would possibly let unsafe levels of electrical power course with that circuit and also never pilgrimage until the circulation exceeds 40 amps. However by then, the wires have actually plenty of time to overheat, possibly causing a fire.

Need a Sarasota electrician to install her circuit breaker?

Now that you understand the prominence of a correctly sized circuit breaker, you’ll need a professional to in reality install her circuit breaker.

We don’t imply trying to install the breaker yourself together this could an outcome in electrical shock.

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Get a licensed electrician from energy Today who have the right to install your breaker quickly and correctly the first time.