A Dakin farm Spiral Sliced Ham is a an extremely special ham! please follow these instructions for the Bone-In or Boneless Spiral Sliced Ham to boost the lull of serving and also to preserve its optimal flavor.

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Important keep in mind If you arrangement to usage your ham within 7 days of its arrival, refrigerate immediately. If you plan on keeping a spiral ham an ext than 7 days before it is served, you have to freeze the ham to maintain its quality.

Freezing A spiral ham will certainly freeze well and also may be maintained frozen for up to 12 weeks there is no loss of flavor.

Thawing to thaw a frozen spiral ham that is finest to arrangement ahead and permit the ham to thaw for three days in her refrigerator. If time does no allow, you might wish to leaving the ham at room temperature or also immerse a tightly packaged ham in cool water come hasten the thawing time. If these faster thawing methods are used, please examine the ham frequently and also make certain it is put under refrigeration as soon as that is adequately thawed.

Serving Cool or Room Temperature The many popular means to serve a Spiral Sliced Ham is cool or in ~ room temperature. These hams room already fully cooked. as soon as served in this way each part of ham will continue to be perfectly moist and also will retain the maximum lot of the one-of-a-kind maple-glaze we have painstakingly used by hand.

Serving warm Many world prefer to offer Spiral Sliced Hams warm from the oven. This is fine listed extra care is taken not to dry out the ham or have actually the unique glaze simply melt turn off the meat. To maintain its integrity when warming, you re welcome follow this directions:

Pre-heat stove to 350° F. Remove the ham from every one of its original packaging. Wrap the ham in tin silver paper to retain moisture and also the maple-glaze. ar the sheathe ham in a roasting pan in the center of the oven. Gently warmth the ham for approximately 10 minute per pound or until warmed through. Inspect ham typically to ensure that the slices perform not end up being dried out.

Final PreparationThe spiral slices will certainly release most easily if you do a final cut on the 3 seam lines of the ham (see illustration). V a sharp knife do the reduced perpendicular come the bone on every seam line. Girlfriend may likewise want to make a tiny circle cut approximately the bone. After the last cuts space made, you or your guests will have the ability to lift perfect slices off the ham v ease.

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Boneless Spiral Sliced HamTo serve, merely loosen the slices with a spicy knife and also cut through the facility of the meat whereby the slices are joined.