You stocked up on yogurt and bought a few containers as well many. Now they’re nearing your dates. Just how long does yogurt last?

Or you have actually a container that’s a few days previous its date, and you’re wondering if you can still eat it or not. Can you eat yogurt past the expiration date?

If these sound familiar, this short article is for you. In it, we go v storage, shelf life, and also going poor of yogurt.

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All milk-based yogurts are quite comparable in regards to storage, shelf life, and also spoilage. That means no matter if you have actually regular, Greek, Icelandic, fat-free, or a flavored one top top hand, the proposal below apply to it.

Yogurt container in hand

How To store Yogurt

Store yogurt in the fridge. That’s true for all kinds of yogurt, including plain natural, Greek-style, and flavored ones. Even dairy-free yogurts (like soy- and coconut-based ones) require refrigeration.

Once you open up the package, make sure you cover that tightly.

Without a cover, the starts to dry out, and also it could pick increase any solid odors indigenous the fridge. Plus it’s simple to present microorganisms to it, and that’s exactly how you end up through mold.

As you deserve to tell, these references are quite similar to various other dairy products such as kefir or cake cream.

If you arrangement on utilizing the leftovers in ~ a day, making use of the aluminum height of the parcel is typically enough. However if you mean the rest to sit in the refrigerator for a few days, to water the yogurt in a mason jug or a little airtight container. This way, it will retain freshness because that longer.

Leftover yogurt in a container
If you’re looking for other alternatives for storing leftover yogurt in the fridge, here’s a video:

How Long have the right to Yogurt Sit Out?

A great rule of thumb is to no let her yogurt sit exterior the refrigerator for much longer than 2 hours.

But does it average that if the sits the end for an hour and 56 minute it’s safe, however if you leave it there for an extra 5 minutes, you should throw it out?

Of food not.

The main idea below is come limit the time your yogurt sits unrefrigerated, but additionally to use typical sense.

That means that yogurt shouldn’t sit for hrs in the stems if it’s warm outside, but the exact same isn’t a big deal if it’s freeze cold.

Also, you can prefer yogurt that’s a tad little warmer 보다 what it is straight from the fridge. And it’s it s okay to allow it warm up on the respond to for fifty percent an hour before you eat it (my wife prefers it this way). For some cheeses, prefer Brie, serving it at room temperature is actually encouraged.


In the summer, shot picking up all the refrigerated items right prior to you walk to checkout. This minimizes just how long they stay at room temperature.

Yogurt container sealed v aluminum foil and a rubber band

Can You frozen Yogurt?

There’s this ongoing dispute on whether or not you have the right to freeze yogurt, and also the responses are anywhere the place.

In short, you deserve to freeze yogurt, but similar to buttermilk or other dairy products, it will separate once thawed. Stirring the will help a little bit with obtaining some of its structure back, yet don’t intend miracles here.


Thicker yogurts generally freeze better, therefore you can have an ext success with freezing Greek-style yogurt than with the level one.

If you must freeze yogurt, make sure you use it in cook or baked dishes. In together dishes, the readjusted texture doesn’t matter all the much.

Check out our post on freezing yogurt for much more details.

Ingredients because that garlic sauce gathered

How lengthy Does Yogurt Last

Pointing the end the exact shelf life of yogurt is difficult. There are a few things the come into play here.

First, it’s the form of yogurt (plain, Greek, Icelandic, flavored, reduced-fat) the matters. A flavored one could last longer due to the fact that it usually has some additives that lengthen exactly how long the yogurt stays good for.

Second, it’s the ingredients and whether or no it contains preservatives.

The 3rd factor, and also one that you have minimal information about or manage over, is how it to be stored before it gained to the store. If her yogurt to be mishandled before it gained to the supermarket’s fridge, it could spoil early.

Generally, the very first thing to carry out is to inspect the day on the label. Usually, it’s a sell-by date, which isn’t an expiration date and also has little to carry out with food safety. That date informs you exactly how long the store can keep the product on the shelves.

That also means that the dairy product should maintain freshness because that a pair of job longer. In instance of yogurt, it’s commonly up to a week previous that date.


Yogurt can just as conveniently be spoiled a day previous its date or even earlier, particularly if it’s cost-free of preservatives.

Opened yogurt container
Once you open up your yogurt, you should use it within a week. that is, of course, if you store it properly.

While a week sound nice, to gain the ideal quality ns recommend utilizing the yogurt in ~ 3 to 5 days tops. That’s, of course, a general estimate and will differ for different styles and also brands.

Let’s sum it up.

All type of yogurt critical for as much as a week past the date on the label. After opening, you have to finish any type of leftovers within 5 to maybe seven days. If your yogurt is previous its date, it’s finest to end up it quickly after opening.

Yogurt (unopened)Sell-by + 1 week
Yogurt (opened)5 – 7 days

Please note that the periods above are turbulent estimates and also dairy commodities can conveniently spoil means earlier.

Garlic sauce before stirring

Does Yogurt go Bad? exactly how To phone call If Yogurt Is Bad?

Yogurt goes bad just as any other dairy product does. Indications that her yogurt has gone poor include:

Mold, other organic growth, or discolorations. If you an alert some funny company going ~ above on the surface of her yogurt, it’s time because that it to go.Texture change. If there’s several water on the surface, and also the remainder is chunky rather of smooths, you know it’s bad.Sour smell. check if her yogurt doesn’t odor stale or sour instead of fresh.Off taste. If her yogurt, regardless of looking and smelling okay, tastes funny or sour, it’s previous its prime.

Last but not least, if your half-open yogurt sit in the refrigerator for an ext than a week, or one unopened one is a pair of weeks previous the day on the label, discard it.

Same point if friend left it at room temperature overnight by accident.

In one of two people case, it’s much better to cut your losses and don’t risk foodborne illness.

Yogurt container closeup
If there’s part liquid on top of the yogurt, are afraid not. It’s whey that has separated, and you have the right to stir that in ago in. The procedure is natural and also not harmful in any type of way.


Separation of whey happens most often in preservative-free yogurts and ones that space nearing or room slightly past their date.

FAQs around Yogurt

Can you eat expired yogurt? just how long is yogurt an excellent after the expiration date?

You have the right to eat “expired” yogurt as long as it doesn’t have any kind of signs that spoilage, and also you don’t currently have the in your refrigerator for way too long.

If it’s an ext than a week after the date on the brand or the day you first opened it, discard it. Even if that looks perfectly fine, it’s more secure to err on the side of caution and also throw that out. Far better safe than sorry.

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How lengthy does Greek yogurt last?

Greek yogurt is good for up to a week previous its date, and for 5 to 7 work of opening. It’s no various than continuous yogurt, or any other yogurt styles for the matter.