The recent instalment in the soap opera over lord Ashcroft’s tax status came critical night once the former Conservative leader wilhelm Hague admitted on Radio 4’s The civilization Tonight the he had only recently discovered the regards to the arrangement that permit Ashcroft to protect against paying full tax.

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Asked whether Ashcroft’s publicly statement ~ above Monday to be the “first he had known” the it, Hague said: “Well, i knew in breakthrough of that,” and also went top top to admit that he had known because that the “last few months”.

Some of the media coverage has focused on the truth that Hague, who vociferously driven for Ashcroft’s peerage in 2000, was kept in the dark through his close girlfriend for virtually a decade. But surely the genuine scandal is that in the “last few months”, together journalists and also the opposition have turned increase the warmth on the issue, Hague has repeatedly evaded the inquiry by denying any type of knowledge the Ashcroft’s tax status.

Let’s just compare Hague’s recent statements top top the matter.


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Last night top top Radio 4’s The human being Tonight:

Over the last few months ns knew and, ~ that, that course ns was really keen to support him in make that position public.

One month back (7 February) on the Andrew Marr Show:

Andrew Marr: . . . Does the pay tax as a british taxpayer, as a british citizen? i beg your pardon is a very straightforward question.

William Hague: Well, I’ll offer you one more clear statement, i beg your pardon is that once he to be made a peer in the year 2000, he was asked come give certain guarantees around that and he then imposed those guarantees — and also he’s assured me the he did. Back what they to be in information was defined between him and the Inland Revenue at the time. I am not a party to that any much more than the —

AM (over): yet he’s a very crucial figure.

WH: — work Party is a party to every those people in the house of Lords, some of whom are non-domiciled and also so on, however who offer donations come the labour Party.

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Hague has yet come clarify exactly what he means by “last few months”, however unless he’s using a different calendar indigenous the rest of us, it’s fair to assume that he knew considerably more than he to be letting on.