Texas is the second largest state in the unified States, bordering Louisiana, Arkansas, Oklahoma and brand-new Mexico as well as sharing an global border with Mexico to the south. We love a good road trip through Texas however there may be times once you wonder exactly how long that would take to drive right across the state.

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It takes about 12 hours to drive across Texas between Louisiana and brand-new Mexico follow me the I-10 through normal traffic. V stops for food and fuel, it will take 14 hours. Driving throughout north Texas along the I-40 take away 8 hrs 30 minutes.

To assist you number out how long it will certainly take you come drive across Texas, we\"ve put together a handy guide with details around the distances involved, time that takes to drive them and things you need to know.



Time come drive across the width of Texas

The state that Texas has an irregular shape so there are a few ways of crossing Texas and they take it a different amount that time depending upon the route.

The two most usual ways of crossing Texas space along the I-10 v the southern part of the state or with the north, crossing v the Texas Panhandle along the I-40.

Crossing southerly Texas from Louisiana to new Mexico

There is one major route v the south of Texas the is likewise the many common means to cross the state. The course runs from the border with Louisiana in ~ Orange follow me the I-10 every the method past Houston and also San Antonio to the cross into brand-new Mexico at El Paso.

This is the path trucks and cross-country drivers take when driving between most southern states and Arizona or California.

This course usually takes about 12 hours\" precious of driving before you account for stops and also breaks although traffic approximately the significant cities have the right to increase the to 14 hrs on the road.

With 870 miles to covering border come border, you\"re likely to prevent twice to fill up and grab lunch and stopping a pair more times for comfort breaks. If friend conservatively allow yourself 2 hrs all in because that the various stops come stretch your legs, mean to invest 14 to 16 hrs on the road to drive across Texas.

Unless you\"re driving v the day and also swapping drivers, you\"ll should stop somewhere overnight so add the time you should sleep onto the size of the journey.

Driving throughout northern Texas through the Texas Panhandle

There room a few different means that human being cross Texas v the north. There room three typical entrance point out - follow me the I-20 from Shreveport in northern Louisiana, v Texarkana from Arkansas or follow me the I-40 native Oklahoma.

The two exit points native Texas into brand-new Mexico room usually follow me the I-10 indigenous El Paso or through I-40 indigenous Amarillo.

To help you understand how long her drive across Texas will certainly take, examine the table below to uncover your course time. Remember these times do not include stops or division so include in a couple of hrs on the longer drives.

FromToDriving time
Shreveport (LA)El Paso (NM)11h (816 miles)
Shreveport (LA)San Jon (NM)8h 30m (600 miles)
Texarkana (AR)El Paso (NM)11h 20m (826 miles)
Texarkana (AR)San Jon (NM)8h 30m (564 miles)
Erick (OK)San Jon (NM)2h 30m (177 miles)

Time to drive with Texas indigenous the mexico border


The speed boundaries vary a lot also along major roads. The interstates will have actually speed limits in between 55 and 80 miles every hour. While few of the long 80 mph stretches are an excellent and allow you come cover a most distance quickly, part cities are beginning to minimize speed borders as you approach and also drive approximately them. El Paso lessened the rate limit follow me the I-10 to 60 in 2018 citing roadworks yet did not increase it ~ they to be complete.

Tips come drive throughout Texas in the shortest possible time

If you really have to drive across Texas as easily as possible, right here are a few tips top top reducing the time on the roadway to the lowest possible.

First, it\"s a an excellent idea to drive with at least 2 chauffeurs who deserve to swap during the journey to minimize the amount of time you require for breaks and relaxation.

Next, if you have a an option or space renting a car, offer the huge gas guzzler a miss and also pick other sensible. Routes throughout the southern are end 800 mile long. In a fuel reliable car, you will only need one avoid at a gas station rather than 2 or 3.

The optimal time to make the journey is no to go v the night. Some speed boundaries in Texas are reduced during the night and progress have the right to be slow with reduced visibility. The quickest way to drive throughout Texas is to overcome the border at roughly 7:30am, do the most of the daytime and crossing ago out prior to it gets dark. If you have a an option of day, Sundays are usually about 30 minute quicker because of lower traffic volumes, but the distinction is no as great as you\"d think on a 12 hour journey follow me the I-10.

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