Braids are among those hairstyles that never goes the end of, well, style. They’re famous for a reason: Braid hairstyles space both basic to acquire the cave of—after all, most of united state learned just how to braid hair by second grade—and ten times cooler to wear than the typical ponytail. But when girlfriend think braids, you most likely imagine braid hairstyles for lengthy hair, favor milkmaid braids or fishtail braids. And while those space classics, you don’t necessarily need to be Rapunzel come wear them. There are so many more types of braid out there—and they work for both short and also medium hair lengths.

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While most of your an option in braid hairstyles relies on the length of your hair, you can’t forget the ability factor, too. If you have waist-length hair yet two left hands, a complex braid isn’t in the cards. It is why we’ve gone with relatively easy braid hairstyles come DIY. And, also better: Some are so an imaginative and interesting that you i will not ~ accidentally end up twinning through your ideal friend. Here are easy and cute braid hairstyles because that every hair length.


You would certainly think that short hairstyles wouldn’t be able to hold a braid, because you only have actually a handful of hair to style. And it’s kind of true, because the much shorter your hair, the tougher the is come braid. However with part creativity and also a tiny braided hairstyle inspiration, you can be surprised at every one of your options for cute braid hairstyles. Just make sure to lock in your look through a versatile hairspray formula, due to the fact that even a couple of loose hairs could make one of these formats unravel completely. Still, they’re precious the risk.

Simple side Braid


Simple doesn’t median boring. In this case, it’s downright elegant, and also it works for the office and also it does for day night. And not only is it a versatile choice for all hair lengths, yet it’s also a really basic braid hairstyle come DIY—because if you have actually fingers, you have the right to do this one. Beginning at the an extremely front of your part (whether that’s top top the next or under the middle), start braiding a simple plait using two-inch part of hair, which create a larger, depths braid. Once you reach the ends, pull it earlier and pen it in place so the lies flat against your hair, or tuck behind her ear.

Braided Bangs


Bangs usually call for some type of commitment—but this braid hairstyle for short hair gives you the liberty to hide castle whenever girlfriend feel favor it. (Though, that course, it also works if girlfriend don’t have bangs.) The point is, it’s choose a headband in that it it s okay the hair out of your challenge so you can emphasis on what the is you’re doing—catching increase on your favorite TV series, doing her nails, whatever. French braid either her bangs or a front ar of your hair, keeping them near to her hairline, and then tuck the finish under her hair.

Dutch Braid Updo

Want to shot something various with your hair without a ton that work? look no further. These matching Dutch braids dress up one otherwise simple, center-parted hairstyle. Just use a clip to wrangle the rest of your hair as you work and also to save the lines directly while you’re weaving them so that, favor this, the looks clean and polished. End up it off with a medium-hold hairspray, likeGarnier Fructis Full control Anti-Humidity Aerosol Hairspray, to keep hair in place.

Double Dutch optimal Braids


Even most pixie styles can pull this braid hairstyle off. Simply part your hair in the middle, weave your hair into two netherlands braids directly back on either side, and pin the ends in place. Leaving the rest of your hair loosened gives it the exact same casual vibe as any type of half-up half down hairstyle.


If you have a lob or longer—that is, the end of her hair hit her collarbone—you’ve gained medium-length hair. Braid hairstyles for this length tend to be much easier to DIY than a braid hairstyle for brief hair, yet they’re tho less complex than long hairstyles, due to the fact that you tho can’t (or don’t have any type of reason to) really work with complex updos. Whether you take place to have dexterous hand or not, there are simple braided hairstyles because that this length that are worth the time and practice.

Dutch Braided Headband


There aren’t plenty of braid hairstyles that don’t begin at the hairline, which is what provides this so out of the ordinary. Starting from her left ear, just weave a fat, netherlands braid throughout the crown of her head. For this details look, you don’t want a frizzy, confusing braid, so prep your hair first with a smoothing cream that fights frizz, likeGarnier Fructis Smooth Air dried Anti-Frizz Cream. It’s guarantee to do it look at polished.

Double-Dutch Braids


These are not among your mean Dutch braid hairstyles. This hair look functions for any length - if your hair is short, lengthy or medium, or occur to have layers in her hair. This braids deserve to look great, particularly if you’re rocking a messy, imperfect vibe that will certainly keeps the French braids indigenous looking as well prim. Component your hair down the middle. Then, braid either next (either continual or dutch braid style depending upon your skill level) and also secure each one in ~ the end. Usage your fingers to pull the plaits (gently!) in stimulate to acquire a little more hair volume and also a piece-y look.

Wraparound straightforward Braid


This braid gets bonus points because that looking choose a waterfall braid, but not inquiry the 4 hands and also 360-degree mirror necessary to actually carry out a waterfall braid. This French braid simply wraps about the back of the head and ends in a little ponytail on the opposite side. It’s an excellent for straight, well hair, which has tendency to absence the grip necessary for enlarge braid hairstyles.

Top French Braid


This single braid hairstyle quiet stands out. A French braid is a streamlined and minimalist braid, and you get bonus points for maintaining hair sleek and also smooth on the opposite side of it. Make certain the braid itself is puffy and also textured, because it’s that comparison that renders this look so cool. Work a texturizing product, favor Garnier Fructis beach Chic Texturizing Spray, with the facility section of your hair before you braid to acquire that gritty, matte look.

Braided Ponytail


No dexterity whatsoever? No problem. A single, basic braid woven every the way through her ponytail turns the gym staple into a cool braid hairstyle that works as well for a date as it does the beach. To save it feather polished, very first pull her hair into a high ponytail at the crown of your head. No one will certainly blame you if this braid hairstyle ponytail is all you wear in the summer.

Loose Fishtail Braid


An ideal means to show off highlights and natural waves, this fishtail braid hairstyle starts at the front and also ends somewhere in the back. The crucial is come braid just a tiny section of the hair (think that it together the hair indistinguishable of an interval nail). Try it on second- or third-day hair; dirty hair has actually the texture and also grit essential to store this one in place. In a pinch, shot using a texturizing spray or dry shampoo to fake it.


The people is your oyster. Lengthy hair method that any and also all braided hairstyles space fair game, so really, the only thing you deserve to do wrong is not wear a braid at all. There’s a downside, though: part braid types, choose waterfall braids, can get super-complicated. If that’s her jam, go for that (no one will blame girlfriend if you have to watch—and climate re-watch—a hair tutorial), but if not, there room plenty the foolproof braided hairstyles for lengthy hair to select from.

Mermaid Braid


No fin required: every a mermaid braid bring away is some large waves (naturally) and your own two hands. You don’t also need to it is in a braiding agree to traction this off. Every it take away is one medium-sized braid in the center. Then, braid the rest of her hair about the initial braid. The an essential to the mermaid vibe is volume, so prep her hair through a volumizing mousse (tryGarnier Fructis Sky-Hi Volume Mousse) and finish the off with a volume-boosting hairspray to save it in location all day.

Boxer Braids


If you happen to have a dull haircut (a.k.a. Without any type of layers) sleek boxer braids favor these takes it to the following level. The thick cornrows date ago to ancient Africa and work especially well with organic hair. First, section your hair into two parts. Beginning at the hairline, braid one ar Dutch-style all the means to the ends and also secure it with a hair tie. Repeat with the other section. To store your braids polished and sleek, prep it withGarnier Fructis Anti-Humidity Smoothing Milk when it’s tho damp.

Upside-Down netherlands Braid


Dutch braid hairstyles call for some serious arm strength, yet the edgy result is typically worth it. A single thick dutch braid, getting to up from the nape of the neck come the crown, is no exception, acquisition the ballerina bun up a notch. The stunning an outcome makes it among the ideal braid hairstyles because that prom. A word to the wise: for sure the braid with one much more pin 보다 you think friend need. It’s precious it.

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Half Up half Down Fishtail Crown Braids


Here’s exactly how to update the fishtail braid: separation it right into two and also turn it into a crown braid because that a braided half up hairstyle. It provides for a delicate, half up fifty percent down hair look at and, if you’ve currently mastered the fishtail braid, takes just a couple of minutes to create. Pin your simple braid hairstyle in place with bobby pins to save the vibe elegant and polished.

Double French Braid Ponytail


Think the this pretty, romantic braid hairstyle as the perfect desk-to-date night hairstyle. With two French braids beginning at the crown and also moving ago through the hair, it’s office-appropriate in the front. But the braids meet at the nape the the neck in a half up or complete ponytail—there’s her party in the back. To include oomph to your down hairstyle through braid detail, use a body-boosting product, choose Garnier Fructis structure Tease dried Touch Finishing Spray, to add major waves and also volume to her ponytail.