If you’ve discovered a seasoned or two of applesauce sit in your pantry for a year or two and also wonder if it’s still good, you’re in the best place. While, obviously, applesauce has a shelf life, it frequently lasts much much longer than it says on the label. It all relies on just how it has actually been stored and whether or not it was canned properly. Let’s go through the most essential information about shelf life the applesauce.

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How to store applesauce?

Unopened jars, bottles or packages should be save in a cool and also dark area, best in the pantry. If it’s a glass seasoned or plastic bottle, make sure it’s method from straight light. As soon as it involves temperature, cool is preferable, however at the really least make sure the temperature doesn’t differ a lot. If girlfriend can’t fit the in the pantry, storing applesauce in a cabinet is good too, as lengthy as it’s far from heat and sunlight.

Freezing is likewise an option if you’d prefer to keep applesauce for much longer (possibly indefinitely). As soon as freezing, make sure you leave part headspace in the container (it will expand once frozen). Come defrost frozen applesauce, transport it right into the fridge. After a few hours, it need to be prepared to use. If you intend to use the entirety package at once, thawing in cold water or microwave are other possibilities. If you plan to use it end the next couple of days, stick v thawing in the fridge. Please note that after ~ thawing the consistency will certainly become much more mushy and also watery. If that’s it s okay for what you need the applesauce for, then freezing is a-okay.

Once applesauce is opened, it have to be stored tightly closed and in the fridge.

How lengthy does applesauce last?

Unopened applesauce is good for at least 12 to 18 months after the manufacturing date, noted it’s save properly. Once the bottle is opened, it have to stay an excellent for increase to two weeks if save in the fridge.

Keeping opened up applesauce top top the countertop isn’t a good idea. It will start shedding quality quickly and also might go poor even ~ a work or two. If you’ve coincidentally left applesauce on the table overnight, make sure you offer a thorough check before consuming. If it’s sit on the table for only God knows how long, just toss it out.

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What around fresh homemade applesauce?

If you’ve do a bunch that applesauce and didn’t decision to can it, deliver it into a tightly closeup of the door container and also into the fridge. You have the right to keep it there for up to a week. If you need it to save for longer, freezing is likewise an option.

How come tell if applesauce is bad?

This is reasonably simple. An initial off, examine the container, jar or parcel applesauce is save on computer in. If it’s leaking, rusting or damaged, remove it. If the package is alright, inspect out that contents. If you can see any type of signs that mold, discard the entirety package appropriate away. If that smells bad, same thing. If the appears and also smells okay, taste a bit. If the smell is okay, the applesauce most likely is it s okay too.

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Is applesauce for sure to usage after the “expiration” date?

If it’s unopened and also was save on computer properly, chances are it’s just fine. In most situations store-bought applesauce doesn’t have actually an yes, really expiration date. Instead, it has a “Best by” (or one of other “Best …” variations) day that approximates how long it will stay at finest quality. After that date, the high quality will more than likely start to weaken slowly, however applesauce most most likely won’t go bad, detailed the package is left intact.