Here you are looking to understand exactly how long a video game of volleyball is. Whether you room playing recreationally, competitively, or you will certainly be the town hall a video game of volleyball, that is understandable to wonder what girlfriend are acquiring yourself into.

A typical match the volleyball is play in a finest 2-out-of-3 sets. An average collection will take about 25 minutes. Using rally scoring, the first team to with 25 point out is declared the winner the the set. A enhance of volleyball should take in between 60 and also 90 minutes, consisting of potential timeouts and breaks.

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To better understand the size of a volleyball game, let’s check out all the time-consuming facets of a volleyball match. I’ll be breaking under a variety of procedures and rules, such as the size of rallies, sets, matches, and also timeouts.

How lengthy Is a set in Volleyball?

Contrary to various other sports favor hockey or soccer, volleyball has actually no limit on time. The video game proceeds till a winner arises by winning the appropriate variety of points or sets. Not only that, however the duration of a video game can vary substantially in length depending upon skill level, rally length, and also other game rules.

There space a number of procedural elements to a video game of volleyball the can prolong the expression of the match, however on mean the size of a video game in minutes will follow very closely the variety of points necessary to success the set. If the collection is to 25 points, the collection will take approximately 25 minutes, if the set is to 15 points, the set will take it 15 minutes. This is since it is common to view one to two points gift earned every minute in a video game of volleyball.

Many other determinants will influence the duration of a set, such as the ability level. The greater the ability level, the more capable and aggressive each play becomes. The an ext the players space skilled, the much more volleyball will certainly be played at a quicker pace. However, even at the height levels, evenly matched opponents can quiet lengthen the duration of a game as points will certainly still it is in earned rather evenly, forcing the lengthening that a set.

How numerous Points required to success a Set?

As pointed out in my initial price above, a team needs 25 point out to victory a set. This would median a team will should win at least 25 rallies. The being said, volleyball has a rule comparable to the deuce dominion in tennis. In order to win, this preeminence requires that a team with a differential the at least two points at or above 25 (i.e. 26-24). Often, this dominion will cap the points in ~ 30 points, which method a team can theoretically win with a final score of 30-29.

The variety of sets can also readjust the variety of points required to win. In the event of a tie-breaker set, the variety of points forced to victory the collection will change to 15. For example, in the 3rd match the a 2-out-of-3, the winning team would be the an initial team to with 15 points. However, the deuce rule still applies here, inquiry a differential that at least two points. In this last set, the points lid is then adjusted to 20 points.


How many Sets in a video game of Volleyball?

There are many different competitive settings or format in volleyball that will influence the size of a match. Here are the 3 most usual match formats discovered in vain volleyball; the 2-out-of-3, the 3-out-of-5, and the ideal out the 2.

Match Formats and also Their Length


To success a 2-out-of-3, a team must win two sets. The first two sets are played to 25 points. In the occasion of a 3rd set, the variety of points compelled to win is adjusted to 15.

The 2-out-of-3 is the usual format of matches discovered in low and medium ability level tournament and competitive settings. This layout is much more popular at this levels because it permits for a lengthy competition and offers methods for each team to explore strategies and also adapt to the opposing team.

As stated in my initial answer, the average length of a 2-out-of-3 is between 60 and also 90 minutes.


To success a 3-out-of-5, a team need to win three sets. The an initial four sets space played to 25 points. In the event of a firth set, the number of points required to victory is adjusted to 15.

This style is supplied in many high-level competitions, such together college and also professional volleyball. Furthermore, most high-school level competitions will additionally use this format for many tournament or season championship finals.

Just prefer the 2-out-of-3, this format allows for a higher competition wherein each team have the right to strategize, learn, and adapt to their enemies as the enhance progresses. Much more importantly, this longer layout requires endurance and perseverance.

Following my calculation of 25 minutes per set, the average length of a 3-out-of-5 is between 90 and 150 minutes.

Best out of 2

The finest out the 2 is a format where just two sets are played, regardless of who wins. The sets can end at 1 enhance each or in ~ 2-0. The other distinction is the this style requires the the results and also points be kept and also submitted. In the occasion of a tie, 1-1, the scoring distinction can act as the tie-breaker. For example, the first set is winner 25-21 because that team A, the 2nd set is winner 25-23 for team B. In this scenario, the event/competition organizer deserve to observe the team A scored an ext points (25+23 = 48 points) than team B (21+25=46), hence declaring team A the winner.

This layout is used in some varieties of tournaments where room and/or time may be issues for the organizers. Knowing that each video game will be restricted to 2 sets, with an average length of 25 minutes every set, permits for the organizers to arrangement the competition with more precise time-slots and also fewer delays.

Once again, adhering to my calculation of 25 minutes every set, the average length of a ideal out the 2 would certainly reliably be about 50 come 60 minutes.

How long Is a Rally?

In volleyball, two teams contend in rallies wherein one suggest is to it is in earned. A rally deserve to be as quick as much less than 1 2nd or have the right to technically last upwards that 20 secs or more, depending on each team’s performance. On average, a rally will be played and also conclude in about 4 come 8 seconds.

Rally size in skilled Volleyball

In 2016, the Fédération Internationale de Volleyball (FIVB) perfect a report called “Picture the the Game” the aimed to investigate and collect data f on an important indicators that the video game by assessing games from the 2016 Rio Olympics. The report figured out the average rally duration at the skilled level because that both men’s and also women’s volleyball, as watched in the table below.

Rally DurationMenWomen
Average rally5,51 seconds7,25 seconds
Average rally there is no pseudo-rallies6,9 seconds8,25 seconds
You can uncover their full report here.

The report made decision to separate the averages right into two numbers to highlight the existence of pseudo-rallies. This kind of rally happens once the server will certainly either land the ball straight to the floor on the opposing side (an Ace), pressure a agree error, or merely fail to have the ball get in the play, thus ending the rally immediately. In other words, these rallies yes, really take less than one second and still result in one team earning a point.

What Is a Rally?

A rally is the actions the take ar once the sphere is deemed “in play” where both teams compete to earn the point. In a game of volleyball, each rally starts once the sphere is placed in pat by the team with round possession v a service. The team who won the preceding rally it s okay possession that the ball and will be required to serve. Complying with the referee’s whistle, the rally starts when the sphere enters beat after the player serves the sphere to the the contrary team. As soon as the sphere is across the net, the team is permitted three contact to return the round over your opponent’s next of the court, and also so on.

A rally can finish in numerous ways. Generally, the main way a rally will end is by having actually the round make contact with the ground. Utilizing different methods and also strategies, every team will attempt to make the round land ~ above the opponent’s next of the court to score a point.

For more information worrying the various ways that scoring a allude in volleyball, please check out the main FIVB rulebook.

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Other Time Rules/Elements Volleyball

In volleyball, over there are plenty of procedures that take place during the course of a enhance that make the video game take an ext time. These encompass a warmup session, timeouts, and also various various other breaks. That is crucial for coaches and players to understand these rules and also other aspects to avoid game penalties or various other consequences.