I haven’t ever made a cheese ball before now. Sigh. I know – crazy huh? i had company coming and thought part cheese and crackers would certainly be quite upon your arrival since it was as well late for lunch and too beforehand for dinner. When I quit by the cheese sphere counter at my regional grocery keep there was one. One cheese ball. Take it it or leave it. Cheddar. Ns picked it up and also on the method to the basket my eyes fell upon the ingredient list. There to be a zillion ingredients ns couldn’t even name, and also no sign of “cheese”?

That was it. I decided to make my own cheese ball, through … cheese!

Holiday Cheeseball v Crackers

Given the countless cheeses in the world, the variety of possible cheese ball recipes is all however unlimited. Still, many conform come the same large description. One or much more strongly flavored cheeses is carefully shredded, climate mixed right into a basic of softened cream cheese or a similarly soft, spreadable cheese. Fresh herbs, spices, dried fruits and seeds or nuts have the right to all be added to offer complementary or contrasting flavors, and also some recipes add a splash the alcohol. The finished round is generally rolled in seeds, crushed nuts or fresh ground spices, to carry out a visually appealing exterior.

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I have actually no idea what has actually taken me so long, but this thing is therefore fast and also easy to do it is almost ridiculous to think I’ve never ever done it. Plus … rave reviews from everyone! (I do chef for compliments).

Starting v cream cheese as the base, I added cheddar cheese and some shredded pepper jack. Using my food processor do this at sight quick. One package of ranch-style dressing mix included the flavor.

Cheese ball In The Making

I choose to usage disposable latex gloves in the kitchen and also they work well when rolling a cheese round together. This recipe provides 3 balls this size.

Crushed Pecans because that Cheese Ball

Rolling each round in crushed pecans adds a nice color and a flavorful coating.


I covering each round in plastic wrap and also placed them each in one airtight container.

How long Does A Cheese ball Last In The Refrigerator?We ate the very first cheese sphere within the first day ns made it. The second one within a couple of weeks. The third cheese ball finished up at the back of my refrigerator. The is as soon as I began wondering “how long is also long” to store the cheese ball and still eat it?

Good Cheese Balls walk Bad

from ehow: Use your senses to determine if her cheese ball has actually gone bad. Indicators of spoilage encompass an uncomfortable odor, visible signs of mold and an unappetizing taste. When your cheese round goes bad, discard it. Although you deserve to sometimes reduced the moldy bits off difficult cheeses, girlfriend can’t do that with cheese balls. The mold filaments will permeate throughout the soft cheese, making it unsafe to simply cut away. If you suspect that her cheese ball has actually spoiled based upon its illustration or age, don’t taste it together a means to confirm; the nasty bacteria and mold that can thrive in a cheese ball will do you sick.

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How long Is the Party

Cheese balls space usually offered as appetizers in ~ parties, however they shouldn’t be left out to serve your guests for much more than two hrs at a time. As soon as left out at room temperature for a lengthy time, harmful microbe can thrive within the cheese ball and also make girlfriend sick when you eat it, return it may still look and also taste okay. Save your leftover cheese sphere in a sealed plastic container to store it from drying out in your fridge. Although freezing can prolong the life of your cheese balls, soft cheese don’t frozen well and also develop one unpleasantly crumbly texture when thawed.


With Thanksgiving just approximately the corner, holiday party invitations in the making and Christmas top top the horizon … friend will want to publish out this recipe and also keep that handy!

Don’t buy a ready-made cheese round this year! Make her own, select your favourite cheese and ingredients and enjoy your an innovative accomplishment!