Height:12–15 inches
Weight:17–23 pounds
Lifespan:13–15 years
Colors:White or cream
Suitable for:Families, those v a fenced-in yard, and also multi-pet households
Temperament:Loyal, intelligent, obedient, alert, friendly, affectionate, and playful

If you’re in search of the many trainable dog in the world, the Miniature American Eskimo Dog needs to be close to the height of your list. These dog love come please their owners, and also they have actually the intelligence level to do it happen.

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Moreover, they’re extremely loyal, loving, and super adorable. However, prior to you rush out and also purchase one, you must keep in mind that they’re additionally extremely high energy, a little bit needy, and also expensive.

If you’re interested in their so-called “Eskimo” heritage, you’re probably going to it is in a small disappointed. Intrigued? You must be. That’s why we damaged down whatever you must know around these lovable pups because that you here.

Miniature American Eskimo Dog — prior to You Buy

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What’s the Price that Miniature American Eskimo Puppies?

If you’re shopping because that a new dog, over there are definitely cheaper choices than the Miniature American Eskimo. Every puppy will expense you between $1,000 and also $2,000, relying on the breeder the you choose.

The price varies depending on the breeder’s history, the linage that the parents, and also of course, the color of the dog. Other determinants that can affect the price the the dog include breeding rights.

But considering all that these beloved pups offer, it’s no wonder that they’re for this reason popular despite their greater price tag.

3 Little-Known Facts about Miniature American Eskimo Dogs

1. Lock Actually have a German Lineage

While they could have “Eskimo” in the name, that’s in reality a complete misnomer. The American Eskimo Dog comes from a German lineage and has naught to do with aboriginal populations in the Americas.

Originally, lock were recognized as the German Spitz, but after the United states entered people War I, human being were no much longer content v the German name. The name readjusted to the American Eskimo Dog and also never readjusted back!

2. They are a High-Energy Breed

While the miniature American Eskimo Dog could be a little smaller than their standard dimension version, their energy levels didn’t shrink v them. Castle are exceptionally high-energy breeds, and also they need to stay in the thick of things.

If you’re not giving these dog the attention that they need, they’re at risk to get into trouble, so ensure the you have actually plenty that time and an are to take them outside prior to purchasing one.

3. They melted Constantly

The American Eskimo Dog has a dual coat, and also they melted constantly. They’re among the highest shedding dog each other in the country. Not only do they shed year-round, however they also blow your coat twice a year to adapt to the transforming seasons.

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This way if you’re gaining an American Eskimo Dog, you require to obtain comfortable with pet hair everywhere the place.