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Steak is something you generally want come eat fresh. That doesn’t mean you should throw it the end if you end up food preparation too much. You deserve to still make tasty leftovers favor a steak sandwich, but you don’t want it to go to garbage by storing the improperly or letting it walk off.

it is why we’ve put together this overview on just how long you deserve to store steak in the fridge and also how come reheat her leftover steak safely.

How long can I store cooked steak in the fridge?What's the safest way to keep cooked steak?How come reheat leftover steak? 

How long can I keep cooked steak in the fridge?

According to the USDA, cooking steak can be save in a refrigerator at temperatures lower than 40°F for 3 come 4 days.

While maintaining your steak leftovers the end of the temperature danger zone does sluggish the growth of bacteria, it doesn’t prevent it. ~ 3 to 4 days, sufficient quantities of bacteria will have grown on your meat the eating that puts girlfriend at threat of catching a foodborne illness.

You have the right to further extend the time you have the right to store cooked beef by freezing it.

Frozen steak leftovers can be stored because that up to 3 months without degrading the meat’s quality and also will stay safe indefinitely if save under 0°F, return they will certainly dry the end over time.


If friend don’t have actually a vacuum sealer, shot wrapping her steak in freezer paper. This thick, plastic-coated paper helps lock the moisture right into the meat and prevent the arid environment inside your refrigerator from dry your leftover out.

Heavy-duty aluminum foil or plastic wrap can be used in place of freezer paper, but they no as effective at staying clear of moisture loss.

Wrap each item of steak in a irradiate layer the freezer paper and then save all the smaller sized packages in a ziplock freezer bag. Try to squeeze out as lot air out of the freezer bag as feasible before sealing it up.

Store your properly wrapped steak leftovers on her refrigerator’s bottom shelf come avoid any escaped juices indigenous contaminating various other foods.

How to reheat leftover steak?

While a an excellent fast sear is the trick to maintaining your steak nice and juicy the an initial time you chef it, the opposite applies to reheating it the next day.

The factor your reheated ribeye has actually turned into old boots leather is that all the moisture has actually been attracted out that it, either v improper storage or by heater it up as well quickly.

The an excellent news is that there space two techniques you can use to reheat steak leftovers that will save all the moisture locked in and tasting as an excellent as lock did once they were first cooked.

Reheating steak in the oven

The cheat to keeping steak juicy as soon as reheating that is to carry it as much as temperature slowly, and also cooking the in the cooktop is the easiest means to do that.

Preheat your cooktop to 250°F.Set her steaks on a cable rack over a baking tray.Cover your steaks loosely v aluminum foil to aid lock in the moisture.Cook for approximately 20-30 minutes or till the steaks reach 140°F, relocating them out of the temperature hazard zone.Let your steak rest for a couple of minutes if you warmth up some butter in a skillet end a high heat.Sear her leftover steaks for 30 seconds to a minute on every side to bring ago their fresh crust.

Reheating steak with a sous vide

If you occur to have a sous vide machine, reheating steak without shedding its moisture becomes much easier. All you should do is vacuum seal your leftovers, which did you do it probably already done before storing them, collection your sous vide to 140°F, and also drop her steak leftovers in the water.

Using a sous vide take away a tiny longer than the oven, with the meat taking roughly an hour to come as much as temperature. However, because your steak can not be overcooked in the sous vide and also there is no means of the moisture escaping, you have the right to leave it in the water because that up to four hours.

Once her steak leftovers have come up to temperature, merely sear them, as above, in a tiny butter to bring that crispy crust back.

Wrapping it all up

As with most food safety, the crucial to storing your steak leftovers is paying fist to times and also temperatures. Cooked beef deserve to be stored below 40°F because that 3-4 days and indefinitely if stored below 0°F, although the top quality will degrade after about three months.

Keeping your leftovers in ~ their best is a issue of correctly storing and also reheating lock to reduce moisture ns as lot as possible while continuing to be out the the temperature danger zone.

Stick to this rules and also cooking too much steak will never be a garbage again.

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Do you have actually a secret technique for reheating steak or possibly a new and useful means of storing leftovers? wednesday love you to hear around it in the comments ar below.