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Sperm don't make it through for longer than a couple of seconds in a hot tub. mar Ellen Matthews/NBCU photograph Bank/NBCUniversal/Getty pictures
external the body, sperm have the right to live for about 15 come 30 minute in the ideal conditions. In a hot bath tub or bath, sperm deserve to only live for a few seconds to a couple of minutes. If sperm is frozen under the ideal conditions, it might live indefinitely.
When a human ejaculates they release an average of 39 million sperm cell from their body. While part sperm will certainly go on come fertilize an egg, most will die.

But, how conveniently a sperm dies counts on the environment it"s in. Even if it is in hot tubs or cryogenic chambers, here"s exactly how long sperm survive outside of the body.

How long sperm lives on skin

"While this relies on the wellness status and age that the person, a majority of sperm will certainly die within 15 to 30 minutes on skin or surfaces," says Kimberly Langdon MD, an OB-GYN at the virtual medical business Medzino.


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Regardless the the surface ar it is on, sperm is taken into consideration dead, and also unable to lead to pregnancy, once semen — the ejaculated fluid holding the sperm — has actually dried.

Beyond health and age, temperature and moisture additionally determine the expectation of ejaculated sperm, says Michael A. Witt, MD, a urologist and also male fertility specialist in ~ Reproductive biology Associates. For example, sperm ~ above a dry, cold bed sheet may die much faster than sperm on a warmer surface like human being skin.

Even though sperm have the right to survive top top the skin or external the body for this brief period, the opportunity of the fertilizing an egg and causing pregnant is very low, claims Langdon. A person would have to touch the sperm and then your vagina prior to it dries, or the sperm would need to drip right into the vagina for any chance of pregnancy.

How long sperm stays in the uterus

Sperm deserve to survive in ~ a person"s reproductive mechanism for increase to 5 days after entering.


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Immediately after moving into the vagina, semen creates a safety gel around sperm come shield them native the vagina"s acidity. In ~ 30 minutes, the gelatin is liquefied as the sperm exits the vaginal canal and enters the cervix. This liquefaction permits sperm come move much more freely with the cervical mucus, up v the uterus, and also finally right into the fallopian tubes.

The fastest swimming sperm might reach the fallopian tubes within minutes that ejaculation. However, pregnancy can only take place if one egg wake up to pass through the fallopian tubes in ~ the 5 days the the sperm"s arrival. The chances of the are small unless you"ve time it simply right to have actually sex in the few days leading approximately ovulation.

Most sperm will never reach the fallopian tubes, however. Instead, they will certainly be gotten rid of from the vagina as soon as a human being engages in physics acts such as becoming upright, using the bathroom, or coughing, states Langdon.

How lengthy sperm lives in a warm tub

Witt states sperm have the right to only survive in a hot bathtub for a issue of seconds. Since the exceedingly steamy water and also chemicals that consist of a jacuzzi are toxic come sperm.


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As for a heat bath, sperm may last approximately a couple of minutes, claims Langdon.

However, Witt defines getting pregnant from loosened sperm in the water that a hot tub or warm bath is beside impossible. Since once the sperm is distributed in the water, it is no longer protected by semen, and also quickly dies.

However, if you have actually penetrative sex while in a hot bath tub or warmth bath, pregnant is far more likely come occur.

How lengthy sperm lives while frozen

Sperm that has been built up by a doctor and frozen have the right to live indefinitely under proper conditions.

A 2019 study released in Fertility and Sterility analyzed 119,558 semen samples native young adult guys kept in cryostorage in between six months and 15 years. The survival rate of formerly frozen sperm decreased from 85% come 74% over the period. Sperm stored for 11 come 15 years had actually a live birth price of 74% come 80%, contrasted to around 82% in sperm stored for six months to five years. Therefore, irreversible freezing had actually minimal affect on the viability of sperm.

Witt states a human may want to freeze your sperm:

Before undergoing chemotherapyBefore experience a vasectomyIf they"re unable to inseminate their partnerIf exposed to radiation the may cause infertility

Another reason someone may select to freeze their sperm is azoospermia — a problem in which over there is no sperm in the semen because of blockage the the reproductive tract or hormone changes. The affects around 1% that people and can do pregnancy through intercourse very difficult."s takeaway

How lengthy sperm can live exterior the body relies on the environment, yet once sperm is dried, that is no longer viable. ~ above skin or other surfaces, sperm can live in between 15 and 30 minutes.

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In warm tubs or bath water, this expectation decreases to a few seconds or minutes. However, freezing sperm can prolong their expectation indefinitely.

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