Over 90% of vaccines must be preserved within a particular temperature variety from the moment they’re manufactured to once they’re administered come a patient, and the influenza (flu) vaccine is no exception. Flu vaccines exposed to temperatures exterior their recommended variety can shed their efficacy, eventually reducing the influence of her immunization program and also patient to trust in vaccines.

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As a busy flu season begins and also the coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine i do not care available, your exercise is tasked with fostering the prominence of vaccinations and easing any type of patient concerns roughly immunization. You likewise need to identify various vaccine brands, recognize correct dosages and age requirements, and also find the storage space for a large quantity of vials. If your practice is can not to ensure ideal flu vaccine refrigeration to keep inventory effective, every your initiatives will walk to garbage — along with beneficial vaccines.

Read top top to find the answers come the most typically asked questions about flu vaccine refrigeration to help you certain an reliable immunization routine at your practice.


Frequently asked Questions around Flu Vaccine Refrigeration

What space acceptable devices for flu vaccine refrigeration?

The best units for flu vaccine refrigeration are pharmacy-grade or stand-alone refrigerators that have been purpose-built because that storing vaccines. Household combination units may be offered in part cases, but dormitory-style units should never be used.

Does the flu vaccine need to be refrigerated?

Yes. The flu vaccine need to be stored in a frozen fridge unit at a temperature in between 35° and also 46°F (2 and 8°C). The vaccine should never it is in frozen or kept exterior of a refrigerator.

What if the flu vaccine is not refrigerated?

If flu vaccines are not refrigerated, have been frozen, or have actually been influenced by a temperature excursion event, castle will come to be less effective and also potentially unsafe. Execute not provide these vaccines come patients. Instead, document the issue and also contact the vaccine manufacturer or your state immunization routine for guidance.

We will refrigerate the flu vaccine but we want to use the freezer because that storing other vaccines, such as the brand-new COVID-19 vaccines. Can we use a mix unit to save all ours vaccines together?

Combination units space not recommended for storing vaccines together they execute not ensure also temperatures in both compartments. Do not save vaccines in both the refrigerator and freezer compartments.

The CDC recommends the you only store vaccines in the frozen refrigerator compartment that a combination unit, however do not turn off the freezer compartment together this may also affect the frozen refrigerator temperature. Many combination units usage the cold waiting from the freezer to cool the refrigerator. If you additionally need to save frozen vaccines, these need to be preserved in a different vaccine freezer unit. Prior to choosing another unit, be clear on the exact temperature requirements of other vaccines, particularly in the case of COVID-19 products.

COVID-19 vaccines have actually been displayed to require different temperature ranges relying on the product. These temperatures differ from refrigerated (between 2 and also 8°C) v frozen (between -15° and also -25°C) come ultra-cold (between -60° and also -80°C). Similar to most vaccines, COVID-19 vaccine warehouse temperature is necessary for vaccine efficacy. Perform not save COVID-19 vaccines in a mix unit with other vaccines and also make sure any other storage unit meets the exactly temperature demands for the product. You need reliable vaccine cold warehouse with exact temperature monitoring and a team of employee that has been trained to store and also handle this new vaccine.

Why can’t us store various other items, such together lunches and also biological products, in the refrigerator with the flu vaccines?

The regular opening and closing that the frozen fridge door together you access other item can reason serious temperature excursions which danger flu vaccine efficacy. Because that this reason, her refrigerator unit should not it is in overused. Save employee lunches and biological products in a different refrigerator come the unit you use for flu vaccine refrigeration.

Can we use the optimal shelf of the frozen fridge to save flu vaccines?

Do not store flu vaccines top top the peak shelf of the refrigerator. Temperatures deserve to vary widely, particularly if there is a freezer compartment above the refrigerator through a cold waiting vent. Constantly store flu vaccines in the center of the unit, wherein the air can circulate and temperatures space the many even.

Unlike household units, pharmacy-grade refrigerators have a pan that circulates the air come ensure much more consistent temperatures. Even with these committed units, you have to still stop using the peak shelf to keep flu vaccines, as temperatures rise most conveniently in this component of the refrigerator throughout power outages. 

If we eliminate the vegetables bins, can we use this area because that flu vaccine refrigeration?

No. This component of a household refrigerator is design to keep a various temperature come the remainder of the unit. Because this part of the frozen refrigerator is commonly closest to the motor, that provides an ideal environment because that vegetables however certainly no for flu vaccines. 

If you great to put this part of the frozen fridge to much better use, swap out the vegetables bins for bottles the water. This can aid maintain the temperatures within the unit. Be certain to label these party so they are not inadvertently consumed.


We simply bought a brand-new refrigerator for the flu season. How long ~ installing have the right to we begin to usage it to keep vaccines?

A new refrigerator can take 2 come 7 days before the temperature has stabilized. Use a digital data logger (DDL) or manually inspect the frozen fridge at the very least twice a day for 2 come 7 days to document the minimum and also maximum temperatures. Once you have recorded 2 consecutive days with the encourage temperature variety (35° – 46°F / 2 – 8°C), you have the right to start making use of the unit because that flu vaccine refrigeration.

How frequently should we log frozen fridge temperatures once storing the flu vaccine?

When storing any type of vaccine, you must log the minimum and also maximum refrigerator temperatures at the beginning and also end of every day. If the unit go not screen the minimum and also maximum temperatures, log in the existing temperature in ~ the beginning and also end of each day.

You can likewise measure the temperature the the room whereby the refrigerator is kept. In the occasion of a temperature excursion or frozen refrigerator failure, you will have a far better idea of the temperature your vaccines have actually been exposed to, which can assist with the troubleshooting process. Carry out not use the calibrated temperature screen from the frozen fridge to measure up the room temperature, yet rather a standard family thermometer.

How lengthy should we save flu season temperature logs for?

The CDC recommends keeping all your temperature logs for three years. If you room participating in her state’s Vaccines for kids program (VFC), you may be required to maintain and carry out your temperature logs. By maintaining this information, you will likewise be able to trace any issues through your general vaccine and also flu vaccine refrigeration methods. Inspect with your state or local program to recognize your temperature logging requirements.

What measures do we should take if the refrigerator has an excursion?

As soon as you uncover an excursion event, label all of the inventory as “Do not Use.” You need to report the occurrence to clinic staff and fill out any kind of vaccine warehouse troubleshooting records used at your practice. Contact the vaccine manufacturer or your regional or state health and wellness department to determine whether the influenced vaccines deserve to still it is in safely administered to patient or need to be disposed of.

Your flu vaccine refrigeration unit need to be revived to its appropriate conditions and also the factors for the temperature excursion must be determined as quickly as possible. If her refrigerator cannot keep the recommended temperature variety for vaccine storage, you should use an additional unit with much more reliable temperature control.

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Ensure right Flu Vaccine Refrigeration throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic

Even if your practice very closely monitors flu vaccine refrigeration and brand-new COVID-19 vaccines, temperature excursions can still occur and damage your vaccine inventory. Just a compliant storage system have the right to remove the costly threats of person error and ineffective equipment. With guaranteed temperature control and constant remote monitoring, the AccuVax Vaccine management System will keep your flu vaccines and also future COVID-19 vaccines at the right temperature, without any kind of manual organization or tiresome data-logging. 

Unlike danger dormitory-style units and also unreliable mix units, AccuVax have the right to safely store both refrigerated and frozen vaccines in one spacious unit. The purpose-built, pharmacy-grade system instantly separates vaccines, so girlfriend don’t need to worry around storing lock incorrectly and letting them walk to waste. Those more, the door-less modern technology and integrated battery backup eliminate the main causes of temperature excursions and also guarantees the security of every vaccines stored in the AccuVax. 

Find out how the AccuVax deserve to support your exercise through the busy flu season and COVID-19 vaccine rollout to carry out an effective immunization program.