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I"m going on vacation for a week. Is it ok for them to be without food for a week??? They have actually live plants in the tank, and all the fish are VERY healthy and plump....

A week is fine unless you have exceptionally special fish. Or unmuch less you have actually aggressive fish that can eat each various other.
They have to be able to go a week without blinking. That"s just a figure of speech, of course, as they have actually no eyelids.Anyway, I have done that many kind of times, and they don"t seem perturbed at all. Autofeeders are basic sufficient to uncover and use, though.
A week without food will cause no injury to healthy fish. In truth, the water high quality upon your rerevolve will be a lot much better. I suspect many pet fish are terribly overfed, compared to their resides in the wild...I consistently leave the fish without food for approximately two weeks. No ill effects whatsoever before.HTH,Jim

If the fish are accustomed to being fed multiple times per day, then, although they have to be able to go for an extended period without eating, the readjust will certainly certainly influence them to some degree. I would think that the ideal method would not be to test their endurance, however to leave them through some type of food- perhaps an automatic feeder like RHJ suggests, or even one of the disaddressing food packs. What sort of fish are they? Some species deserve to be extremely sensitive to such changes, while others fare a lot much better. Where are you going on vacation-somewbelow heat i hope...

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I apologize for stealing the short article yet how old of fry carry out they have to be fed daily? I"m going to be on a 3-day trip in beforehand February and also we aquired around 30 baby mollies we have in a reproduction net in my 55 gallon community tank. I"ve been trying to reduced down on feeding our tanks yet when I tried to feed the fry, the various other fish smell the food and strike the net trying to acquire it. Some also wedge themselves inbetween the net and the glass and also I need to totally free them so we"ve been feeding that tank in addition to the breeding net. The fry should be 3-4 weeks old by the moment we leave and I was going to have actually a loved one sheight by to feed them once while we were gone but if the fry can make it 3 days, I may simply leave them be. Kyle
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For big fish, they can conveniently take care of 3 to 4 weeks without food. Mouthbrooders regularly starved themselves for 3 to 5 weeks without food while incubating. For newborn egg layers fry, they are exceptionally tiny and have to eat everyday to survive. Many type of egg layers fry will not make it bereason they are not provided the right initially food. As they thrive bigger and also stronger, they deserve to stand longer period without food. New born moutbrooder fry are bigger and also stronger and also can stand a couple of days without food. I have actually stripped week lengthy overdue mouthbrooder fry and also they are still alive and also well. Water top quality is even more necessary than food in the time of your absence. It"s much better for the fish to be hungry throughout your absence because any deseased fish will be easily cleaned up than foul the water. I take 3 weeks vacation annually and never before feed fish. But I make sure the water high quality is optimum by doing a water change before I leave, and hook up a battery ago up air pump to safeguard versus power outage.