So, you room in the procedure of booking her summer vacation for you and your family this year.

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The dog’s been booked into the kennels and also the cat is turn off on his week far to the dreaded cattery.

Suddenly, her attention turns to your beautiful betta fish. He’s looking happy, healthy and swimming far in the corner – but exactly how will he it is in cared because that while you space on vacation?

There space a couple of different points to take into consideration when leaving her fish and also they depend mostly on the species of fish the you have and the length of time that you’re walk to be away. (Food and also water quality must be your main concerns)

Let’s look in ~ the alternatives in turn so the you can feel far better (Betta) educated to do the right selection for you, her aquarium and also your fish!


There are other feeding options known together ‘block feeders’. These quite large blocks room put right into your tank prior to you leaving for your vacation and work by break down slowly in the tank – release food as it division down.

The fish is unable to eat more than is required because it takes a lengthy time because that the block to relax the food.

However ‘vacation block feeders’ space not recommended they tend to dirty the water and also we have seen so many comments and reviews whereby they have actually dangerously increased the ammonia level which in turn can be harmful to her fish.

If this option still sounds choose one for you. Shot the brand that block feeder prior to your vacation and also perform a water check to view what the results are.

You must only usage them if you have absolutely no other options and they don’t come recommended.

See the obtainable products on Amazon below:7 work Betta fish feederTetra slow-moving Release FeederAPI vacation Feeder

So now you have the right to enjoy her vacation?

Really, there is no one-fits-all strategy to fish care and also feeding when you’re ~ above vacation. That all relies on the length of time you’re away and also the options you have obtainable to you.

This vacation treatment checklist may aid you decide

A weekend – A betta fish could be left (but friend shouldn’t carry out this often!)A mainly – her betta fish demands to it is in fed, have the right to you gain someone come come over three times in the period? If not you should consider an automatic feeder.Two weeks, usage an automatic feeder and also ask a girlfriend or relative. Leaving clear feeding instructions and also possibly take into consideration measuring the feed the end into certain days because that them. The girlfriend / loved one should likewise be reliable to adjust a portion of the aquarium’s water.

The over information has actually been written through a betta fish in mind. Girlfriend will also need to consider any tanks mates too. A general dominion of thumb, the smaller sized the fish the much less time they can go there is no food.

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In summary, keeping fish is a hobby and also a commitment and betta fish should be cared for.

Do make certain that her fish are properly fed and also cared for while she away. And, one critical tip… you have the right to ask a friend to send girlfriend a photo of your happy fish in the tank!