12noon - could anyone call me just how long a basketball video game lasts? sorry its my very first ever basketball game. Thanks.

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The term of the video game itself is 48 minute (four 12-minute periods) plus a 15-minute halftime. But due to the fact that the game clock stops typically in basketball, gamings run an mean of about 2 1/2 hours, uneven they enter overtime.

Crans is exactly - if i were you ns would spending plan 2.5 to 3 hours for the game.

Also - perform some study on basketball before you come over -just to acquire a feel for what is happening.


Thanks guys, yes, really looking forward to coming end to new York next Thursday – we gained tickets because that the Knicks as we want to endure the atmosphere, however I’ll defiantly carry out some research study so I recognize what’s going on.

I additionally wanted to purchase tickets come a game, much more for mine boyfriend 보다 me, yet I would certainly still enjoy going due to the fact that I supplied to like watching the NBA games when lock televised lock here.

Is the best means to buy ticket via Ticketmaster? Is it feasible to purchase on the work of the game?

The majority of tickets I've uncovered on Ticketmaster because that the Knicks v76ers video game are in the 300 section.

For the video game with Minnesota they're in the 400 section, and also the Pistons game is offering me seat in the exact same section.

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Are this really bad seats? I'm guessing the they would certainly be due to the fact that they're therefore far ago from the court.

I would choose closer seats however they have to be offered out?

300 section isn't negative - but shot not to it is in in the part behind the basket - you desire to be dealing with the center of the court if possible.

I generally just gain 400 level seats and then relocate down to some avaibale seats once the game starts. If who comes and kicks friend out simply miove to an additional section. Seat hopping!