The good Character theme for the month: Christmas characters. Today: Cousin Eddie in Christmas Vacation, composed by john Hughes. Right here is Jason Cuthbert’s weekly an excellent Character post:

Randy Quaid, the elder brother of actor Dennis Quaid (The right Stuff, Innerspace, any type of Given Sunday) spent the 1970s in Peter Bogdanovich movies like The Last photo Show, what’s Up, Doc? and Paper Moon and also along next Jack Nicholson in The Last information and The Missouri Breaks. During the 1980s, Randy Quaid maintained Chevy Chase company in National Lampoons holidays and Caddyshack II and joined Saturday Night Live as a core actors member. Quaid ended off the 80s in the 1989 holiday standard Christmas Vacation, making his entrance throughout the last hour of the man Hughes created comedy and still stealing practically every scene the his an excellent natured/bad etiquette Southern household man personality Cousin Eddie sauntered into. Cousin Eddie and his rusty motor home may have crashed the Griswold household Christmas uninvited, but his character has actually been widely related to as a welcomed addition to the yuletide ensemble.

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COUSIN EDDIE: nothing forget the rubber sheets and gerbils.

Christmas vacation from IMDB:

The Griswold family’s plans because that a big family Christmas predictably turn right into a large disaster.

Cousin Eddie has been out of work-related for around seven years and also no much longer lives in the rural homestead that he own in the initial National Lampoon vacation film in 1983.

COUSIN EDDIE: If just I had actually that money Catherine and also I gave to that TV preacher that was screwin’ the hockey player.

To compound his current setbacks even further, he will be unable to afford any Christmas gifts for his two young youngsters Rocky and Ruby Sue — hiding all of this misfortune behind one ever-present grin. Eddie’s offspring seem to bring an awestruck dream-come-true excitement in ~ the Griswold’s big suburban home, clearly eclipsing your deprived domestic experience.

COUSIN EDDIE: (referring come Ruby Sue) She drops down a well, her eyes walk cross. She gets kicked by a mule. They go back. Ns don’t know.

As the cousin to Ellen Griswold (Beverly D’Angelo), the impossibly patient mam to Clark Griswold (Chevy Chase), Clark proves to it is in not-so-understanding the Eddie’s unabashedly cowboy charm. The judgmental uncomfortable extends towards Eddie’s pet dog through a nasty nasal break down — as necessary named “Snot.”

Common sense may be mistaken because that non-sense when Eddie do the efforts to work his way into this majorly conservative top middle class Illinois milieu. Unfortunately, there may be a genuine reason because that these mental crashes beyond a lack of education: Eddie’s cranial surgery.

COUSIN EDDIE: You understand that steel plate in mine head? I had actually to have it replaced, reason every time Catherine revved increase the microwave I’d piss my pants and forget who I to be for a fifty percent hour or so.

Much the Cousin Eddie’s funniest fish-out-of-water moment stem indigenous the elements of suburban living that don’t fairly compute with his much an ext simple way of life. The reality switch the would commonly prevent a grown man from rocking his underwear outdoors when emptying human being excrement indigenous a hose v one hand and a morning beverage in the other doesn’t seem to stop an excellent ‘ol Eddie.

When the sight of a cat corpse elicits a nonchalant giggle, you understand that you are managing a guy of various priorities.

COUSIN EDDIE: that thing had nine lives, you simply spent ’em all.

But even with his over-the-top lack of manners and also vomit-inducing hygiene habits, Cousin Eddie is quiet the household member girlfriend would certainly want in your corner when the outside world deems the OK to execute you wrong during the Christmas holiday. He way well, yet his method of definition well might just placed him in jail.

For his gut-wrenching responses come ultra azer situations, his obliviousness come his very own unsettling behavior and also his gold heart when family members ties must be the tightest — Cousin Eddie is one jolly, merry great CHARACTER in the Christmas movie tradition.

One of the more memorable personalities from a Christmas comedy.

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Thank you, Jason, because that this post and also the whole month-long series featuring Christmas characters. What’s her favorite little from the movie? Please join us in comment to discuss Christmas Vacation.