Rookie Mistakes: a collection of typical decor mistakes made by rookies… aka us. And also no we are not judging because we have actually made (and continue to make) this mistakes too!

Remember the Rookie Mistakes series is a NO JUDGEMENT ZONE. We’ve both made all of these decorating mistake in our own homes, and simply want you to learn from us so you deserve to make your house look remarkable without having actually to do the mistakes we did!

Rookie failure – shower head Curtain Height

See anything wrong through my shower head curtain? I’ve acquired to it is in honest, i really didn’t watch anything wrong through this shower curtain. Till now…. When I look back at this photo and also am a small horrified that ns didn’t attend to this rookie failure earlier. Am i expecting my bathroom to flood? per usual, ns should have taken she advice….. Two years ago! I’ve been living with this traditional shower curtain (which i really love by the way) & no doing our tiny bathroom any type of favors.

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The Right elevation for her Shower Curtain

I recently broke down and also traded our typical shower curtain in because that an XL curtain and liner and also boy am ns glad that ns did!

I found mine in shop at Bed, bathtub & beyond (but there wasn’t a huge choice for XL in stores and they were hidden so you may want to ask or really dig). However, over there are tons to choose from online, not just from Bed, Bath, and Beyond either. Virtually all online locations that market shower curtains market online XL options, so I’m certain there is one that fits your bathroom’s decor.

I don’t yes, really feel like these photos do it justice due to the fact that in person, the brand-new curtain makes SUCH a difference! No much more flood length curtain.

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The ceilings watch taller, the curtain isn’t flood length, and the whole look simply seems more complete/polished. I LOVE it! even my mom, that still resides in the anti-shower curtain house, commented on what a difference the brand-new curtain made. She’s even more of a shower head curtain rookie than I am, therefore if she i found it it must have made a large difference!

I still am not 100% Team shower head Curtain yet living through a shower curtain has gained a tiny easier. Luckily we have a window in our shower head so there’s lots of light in there and also the shower curtain isn’t as dark and scary as the hotels ns remember growing up. Hehe, and no…. Friend can’t watch in or out of the shower window.

Please… someone, tell me I’m not the just Shower Curtain Rookie about here. I can’t be the just one rocking a submarine curtain, deserve to I? #rookiemistakes