Standard Dartboard elevation & Oche throw Distance

A frequently asked question is what height and distance to the oche need to a dartboard be? The detail below covers the traditional (steel tip) Dartboard or in part quarters dubbed the London Board. The set-up deserve to vary for other regional dartboards i.e. The Yorkshire Dartboard, the Fives Dartboard, and also the smaller Manchester Dartboard. These dartboards have the right to have either different board elevation or oche throwing distances. Through Soft-tip typical Dartboard the recognised throwing distance is 8" (2.43m) not 7" 9 ¼” (2.37m) as presented below. See local dartboard section.

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The measure up is still shown in metric and also non-metric (imperial Feet and Inches). The modern set-up offers the metric identical to the imperial measurements. You can download the dartboard setup native this page for both the traditional abled body height and the disabled wheelchair height which to be agreed by the world Darts Federation in 2012

Soft-tip Dartboard setup details are also shown here, however, I have not had a diagram.



Dartboard Set-up chart

Dartboard Set-up Measurements

This website includes both metric and imperial dimensions to set-up the standard ‘clock’ or ‘London’ dartboard. Those of you with a keen eye will understand that the 5’8” is in fact 172.72cm no 173cm as portrayed so what need to the elevation be?

The height because the formalisation that both height and throwing distance must be as show 173cm height and also 237cm length. The royal measure for the height was rounded increase by 0.28cm a very slight change however other regional dartboard height is still described in the older imperial measurement yet you will view I have also added the metric equivalent.

Wheelchair customers should set the board height at 137cm. An ext details concerning wheelchair darts and also disability darts can be checked out below and also on a committed disability darts web page on this website,

Imperial measurements are still used on most dart barrels and also shaft subject 2BA and the older large brass not generally seen this days 4BA


5" 8" (1.73m) from the floor to the centre of the bullseye.

cram / Toe heat or Oche

7" 9 ¼” (2.37m) indigenous the board to the litter line or 9" 7 ½" (2.93m) when measured diagonally from the bullseye to the cram line). This second measure is provided when playing on one uneven surface.

throw Lane

Minimum 2" (0.6m) clearance both political parties of the board (remember darts space sharp!).


The board need to be an installed flush come the wall no leaning forward v D20 straight at the top.

Soft-tip Dartboards

The usual oche length used as soon as playing top top a Soft-tip plank is 8’ (2.43m) no 7’ 9 ¼” (2.37m). Watch your local league for any type of variation. The elevation of the board is the exact same as a standard dartboard.

Ladies throwing Distance!

A typically asked concern is what distance have to ladies throw from?

BDO human being Championship ladies throwing street is the exact same as the men"s, 7" 9 ¼” (2.37m). However many leagues about the UK have different throwing distances for ladies. The most usual distances other than 7" 9 ¼”, is 7" 6" & 7" 0". Other distances for men encompass 8" 0" & 8" 6" but this is currently uncommon.

Other Dartboard Set-ups

Why is the Hockey / Oche and dartboard elevation such an issue?

Scholars the the sports may have actually read there have been, and also still are, many variations the the dartboard. The common dartboard we check out on TV and probably play-on in pubs and clubs is well-known as the typical London clock dartboard yet it hasn’t constantly been that way.

For this reason, confusion set in ~ above what the setup because that a dartboard have to be, above is the official set-up for the traditional board but what about others?

Throwing distances and also heights have varied end the years and today various leagues still usage a different measurement. Ns have listed below the standard dimensions used. However, ns am certain others will certainly say we play native x distance different from what I have actually stated. I know some women leagues execute use much shorter throwing distances however this is no true for official competition i.e. WDF, BDO competitions.

The traditional dartboard setup is offered by the WDF, BDO, PDC and also other official bodies. As for the others, I have checked v the regions, to confirm the setups because that each.


The numbers here are rounded come the nearest CM and 1/4". Modern-day setups use metric measurements however I have shown both for reference.

Dartboard A: height to center Bull B: centre Bull to Oche C:Throw Distance
Standard 5" 8" / 1.73m 9" 7 ½" / 2.93m 7" 9 ¼” / 2.37m
Standard (Wheelchair User) 4" 6" / 1.37m 9" 0" / 2.74m 7" 9 ¼” / 2.37m
Soft-tip 5" 8" / 1.73m 9" 9 ¾" / 2.99m 8" 0" / 2.44m
London Fives (Narrow Fives)* 5" 6" / 1.68m 10" 6" / 3.20m 9" 0” / 2.743m
Ipswich Fives (Wide Fives) TBC** 5" 8" / 1.73m 9" 7 ½" / 2.93m 7" 9 ¼” / 2.37m
Manchester 5" 3" / 1.60m 9" 2" / 2.79m  7" 6" / 2.29m
Manchester*** 5" 6" / 1.68m 9" 3 1/5"/ 2.84m 7" 6" / 2.29m
Yorkshire 5" 6" / 1.68m 9" 0" / 2.74m 7" 2" / 2.18m
Lincolnshire (15" dia Dartboard) 5" 8" / 173 cm 9" 0" / 274 cm 7" 0" / 213.4 cm

The over is the official board heights and accepted cram distance, however, some leagues might vary therefore please examine your local league setup and also rules. As stated the measure up conversion are rounded indigenous the imperial to metric.

Over the years the local variation on ‘Hockey’ or ‘Oche’ size has constantly been an concern with players moving from one county to another. Throwing distances have to be anything indigenous 6’- 9’, most typical 7’, 7’2”, 7’6”, 8’ and also 9’ therefore why is the official length 7’ 9 ¼” 2.37m?

The Yorkshire Dartboard: Some might disagree v the set-up ns have listed above and this might be early out to alters seemly adopted in parts of Yorkshire yet not have to all. The information I have gathered from Yorkshire and also Professional Dart players confirm this set-up, however, ns am mindful that some set the Yorkshire plank up together per a conventional clock board.

* The east End Fives or narrow Fives displayed here space taken indigenous the eastern London Darts League present the complying with dartboard set-up details.

The Board must hang securely native a wall so the the elevation of the centre bull is 5ft 6ins from the floor.

The throwing ranges can differ from anything from 9ft challenge of the plank measured horizontally. This equates 10ft 6ins once measuring indigenous the centre Bullseye come the behind of the Oche.

** The Ipswich or broad Fives set-up is shown as the typical setup, however, i am wait for confirmation as this may well readjust to the very same as the London five Dartboard.

The Lincolnshire Dartboard (15” dia dartboard) setup details are gave by the Lincoln and also District darts league.

My thanks to man Lowe, Yorkshire Darts and also Lincoln ar Darts Leagues for the information they have provided.

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*** Manchester Log-End Dartboard organization Variations

Wheelchair Dartboard Set-up

In 2010 Russ Strobel submitted to the Darts Australia a new recommended dartboard elevation for Wheelchair users. The height Russ has actually come up with is 137cm come the center Bull. The elevation was based on the perceived beginnings of the typical hanging elevation of the typical clock dartboard. It is claimed the average elevation of a man in the England UK to be 5’8” around 1920’s, the height to the centre bullseye the a conventional board. Contemporary adjustments make that 173cm. Russ has actually taken this analogy and settled what the elevation would be must a man of 5’8” (173cm) be sit in a wheelchair. His exact figure came out to be 136.5cm yet as Russ defines the enhancement of 0.5cm would make the encourage wheelchair dartboard elevation easy to remember 137cm (wheelchair) - 173cm (Standard). Ns agree through you Russ we all choose things straightforward to recall.

This brand-new height because that wheelchair customers was recognised through the WDF ~ above October 8th 2012. The first World disability "Winmau" masters took place in 2014. Read more about special needs Darts