Are girlfriend interested in running? room you an athlete, or maintain to it is in one? If so, then the patas monkeys are simply the primate because that you. Not only are lock the fastest monkeys in the whole world, but they likewise run just on your fingertips and also never actually use their whole foot come run. The patas monkey (Erythrocebus patas) is discovered only in parts of Africa, and its distinctive climate and also living circumstances have provided rise to its solid legs that have given it its renowned speed! If you room looking for an ext interesting facts about patas monkey, then check out on. If you reap reading around this creature, climate do inspect out the Pygmy sluggish Loris and squirrel monkeys too!

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patas monkey reality File

What carry out they food on?

Insects, seeds, gum, tubers

What carry out they eat?


Average litter size?


How lot do they weigh?

14-27 lb (7-12 kg)

How long are they?

19-34 in (excluding tail)

How tall are they?


What execute they look at like?

Red, gray, white

Skin Type


What space their key threats?

Lions, Hyenas, Snakes, Cheetahs

What is their conservation status?

Least Concern

Where you'll find them

Semi-arid Areas


Near Serengeti and West the The Sahara Desert





Scientific Name

Erythrocebus patas





Patas Monkey interesting Facts

What kind of animal is a patas monkey?

The patas monkey, scientifically called the Erythrocebus patas, is a form of monkey.

What course of pet does a patas monkey belonging to?

Like all other monkeys, the patas primates (Erythrocebus patas) room mammals.

How numerous patas monkeys are over there in the world?

Due to insufficient research into their population, over there is no calculation for how plenty of patas monkeys are there about the world. However, an interesting statistic reveals the there is on typical one patas monkey for every 1.5 kilometres of the area where a group lives.

Where go a patas monkey live?

The patas monkey (Erythrocebus patas) is usually uncovered in open up woodlands and the savanna.

What is a patas monkey"s habitat?

The Erythrocebus patas, or the patas monkey, is uncovered in Africa only. It is discovered in main Africa, and also in the west and south-east Africa. It resides in semi-arid to dry locations, needing north spaces to run away indigenous predators. They perform not count on woodlands and trees to save them safe but on their solid legs and also unmatched speed to outrun many predators. Due to the fact that they do not need the woods, they room occasionally uncovered on human plantations and also farms too.

Who execute patas monkeys live with?

Patas monkeys are not territorial at all and also live in large packs. This packs have actually a single, dominant male, with multiple females in the group. A female leader the pack, and also the single male is typically on the periphery. The male acts together a decoy leading away predators whenever there is danger, allowing the females come escape through the children. The does this with a middle loud call to warning the others and also then attracting attention to himself, after i beg your pardon he operation away.

How lengthy does a patas monkey live?

The patas primates have a fairly long life expectations as opposed to various other smaller varieties of primates. Your life expectancy can it is in from 12-20 years old. Other relatives such as the vervet monkey do not live as lengthy which renders this types all the much more interesting!

How execute they reproduce?

Like all other mammals, the patas chimpanzees reproduce by mating. The adult masculine patas monkey reaches their sexual maturity at just four years old, which is younger than other primates. The females carry out so as soon as they are about three year old, and also can have only one infant at a time.

What is your conservation status?

There to be a time as soon as they were nearing endangerment, yet thanks to conservation efforts, the patas primates have now been share as the very least Concern. Due to the fact that they greatly live in open up areas, deforestation has not intimidated patas monkeys as much as it has actually other species.

Patas Monkey fun Facts

What perform patas monkeys look like?

The patas chimpanzees are long-limbed, lithe monkeys. They have actually a reddish, virtually rust-colored overcoat, which fades come shades that white and gray together it moves towards their underbelly. They have actually excess face hair on their faces, making that look prefer they have a special white mustache.

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How cute room they?

With that red overcoat, gray-white undercoat, white mustache, and also hypertrophied head, the patas monkey looks like a the personality is bad old man! so while they may be funny come look at, they are not very cute animals. In fact, humans spook them, so they might not even stay long sufficient for friend to decision if they room cute in person or not.

How execute they communicate?

One that the major reasons the patas chimpanzees communicate is to warn those about them that danger. For this, they use a very discreet "cough" alarm. Because that all other purposes, they normally grunt, call, or hum. This is especially advantageous during mating seasons.

How big is a patas monkey?

Patas chimpanzees can be approximately 19-34 in. This is not including their tail sizes, which differ a lot relying on the age, size, and sex that the monkey. Sexual dimorphism additionally plays a huge duty in the dimension of patas monkeys. This renders them 0.3 times as little as the Mandrills, which are up come 40 in big, and are the biggest monkey known to man.

How fast can a patas monkey run?

The patas monkey is the faster primate in the world. They have the right to reach a height speed the 35 mph or 56 kmph. A patas monkey running would certainly be quicker than the typical speed at which us drive a car!

How much does a patas monkey weigh?

There is a huge difference between how lot the males and also the females the the types weigh. The males are lot heavier with weights approximately 12.6 kg, whereas the females clock in less than fifty percent at around 4.7 kg. This variation between the males and also the females of the varieties is dubbed sexual dimorphism.

What are their male and female names of the species?

The males and also females of the species do no have any separate names. We contact them every the patas monkey. But instead the sex-specific names, the patas chimpanzees have several various other names, such as the Wadi Monkey.

What would you speak to a infant patas monkey?

You would call a infant patas monkey adorable! hoax apart, there is no specific name you can contact the babies the the patas monkeys, so feel complimentary to get creative with the nicknames.

What perform they eat?

The patas primates are not picky eaters. Lock eat food choose insects, tubers, fruits, pick flowers, and also a lot of more. It"s what keeps patas monkeys fueled approximately be the more quickly primate in the world.

Are castle loud?

They have the right to be, yet the patas monkeys as a types undergo a many of effort to make sure they room not also loud. They interact mostly because that mating and also to provide a loud warning in situation of danger, therefore while they can be loud, they prefer to it is in discreet. This is since when you room the more quickly primate in the world, you likewise have to it is in quiet so girlfriend don"t obtain caught.

Would they do a good pet?

There have been no known instances of the patas primates as a pet. This is a pretty great indication the this species would not make great pets. They are not cute, useful, exotic, or meant to it is in in captivity. Besides, they additionally have a very solid support system and also are extremely an overwhelming to catch due to your speed. For this reason why not skip the patas monkey pet, and also look in ~ the an ext conventional alternatives instead?

Did girlfriend know...

Did you understand that patas primates have several various other names too. They are likewise called the military Monkey (because a lot of of military organizations have actually this monkey together their mascot), Hussar Monkey, the dance Red Monkey (because they dance as soon as excited), the Red Guenon (because the their connection with other Guenon species) and even the Wadi Monkey. Talk around having multiple nicknames!

What is for this reason unique about the patas monkey?

How go the patas monkey (Erythrocebus patas) acquire the highest possible speed every hour the end of all the monkeys? The prize is in your limbs. They have brief digits, but an extremely long limbs, which permit them to relocate fast. Over there is a lot of distinction in the patas monkey skull too. The males have actually hypertrophied skulls as opposed come the females which way that they have larger skulls since of increased growth. The males additionally have a protrusion in your skull because that the exact same reason.

Patas monkey adjustment seasons

The patas monkey breeding season is an extremely unique for numerous reasons. One, the reproduction season wake up annually, v a gestation duration of approximately six months. The group is generally one masculine patas with number of female patas monkeys. However, during mating season, plenty of females friend with countless males and also are promiscuous in general. The mating season beginning in December and ends about March, and after a gestation period, a infant patas monkey is born.

The babies room weaned turn off in two to three years. The males attain sexual maturity at four years, vice versa, the females with it sooner at 3.5 years. The males then leave the group to either continue to be alone or room with a group of various other males. The end aim is to look for a harem whereby he deserve to be the dominant male. The female, ~ above the other hand, continues to be with her natal group. This is why some groups of patas monkeys are as big as 76 members!

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