Sometimes it’s nice to get out that NYC and also Beacon is the perfect ar for a small-town escape.

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Beacon is situated 60 mile north that NYC and also is a charming historic town. This city played an interesting duty in the American revolution and was called for the signal fires that were put on optimal of the adjacent Mount Beacon. In ~ one suggest Beacon was even known as the “Hat Making resources of the US” since it was residence to an ext than 50 hat making factories.

Today, Beacon provides the perfect blend of activities for a work trip. You have the right to enjoy part time in nature v a hike on mount Beacon, gain cultured in ~ the city’s arts museum, and also spend the afternoon eating and drinking follow me the charming main Street.

I went to Beacon for the very first time over Memorial job Weekend and also I already know I will be earlier soon. If you are looking for the perfect getaway from NYC, keep reading for mine Beacon Day trip guide. Mine itinerary consists the town’s highlights + gives some advice on how to gain your limited time here!

Getting There



Getting come Beacon from NYC couldn’t it is in easier, i m sorry is why it provides such a an excellent day trip. If you have actually a vehicle (or desire to rent one) you have the right to drive the 60 mile north come Beacon. Parking in Beacon isn’t a problem, so friend don’t have to worry around struggling to find a spot.

I indicate taking the Metro-North railroad from NYC to Beacon. From NYC, friend can record the train in ~ Grand central or the 125th Street Station. Beacon sit on the Hudson line and also tickets cost about $46 for round-trip peak times (or $35 off-peak). Girlfriend can easily purchase her ticket native a kiosk at the station or v the MTA eTix app.

If you room planning to visit the Dia:Beacon art museum, think about purchasing a Getaway package. Metro-North uses discounted tickets if you integrate your train fare with the art museum. The round-trip getaway ticket + Dia:Beacon tickets cost $40 for adults. (Dia:Beacon ticket alone cost $15 for adults). To buy these tickets, select getaways in ~ the ticket kiosk in ~ the train station. After you purchase, you will be provided two tickets, one for the train and also one for the museum.

Transportation in the City

The public transportation in Beacon obviously doesn’t compare to the choices in new York City. But, the is an extremely easy to obtain to the town’s major destinations. There room plenty the sidewalks so friend can easily walk. Or, take into consideration taking an Uber or Lyft, since these fares space reasonable.

You can additionally take the Beacon totally free Loop bus to several of the main sites. The bus operation Monday-Saturday from 6:00 am- 9:00 pm. It stop at the Metro-North station, Dia:Beacon, main Street, and the mount Beacon trailhead.

Good come Know

Trains only depart and also arrive in Beacon every hour. So, this can quickly fill up especially on the weekends. Arrive to the station early on to seize a seat. Once I visited, ns noticed that a few people had actually to stand on the 1.5 hour train trip due to the fact that there to be not sufficient open seats.

Ready to go? Let’s acquire started on ours perfect Beacon job trip!

Breakfast in cool Central



If you are leaving indigenous NYC, i recommend beginning your Beacon day expedition from grand Central. This is such an iconic and beautiful building, so invest some time admiring the architecture. Acquire to the station beforehand to acquisition your tickets. Provide yourself enough time to grab breakfast native the Grand main dining concourse. Right here you can discover some NYC classics, like Shake Shack (yes, they serve breakfast), Joe Coffee Company, Doughnut Plant, and Zaro’s family Bakery.

As I stated earlier, be sure to board her train well prior to it is booked to leave. The seats fill up and you don’t want to was standing or be separated from her group during the 1.5 hour trip.



Once you obtain to Beacon, start your day through a hike. The mount Beacon trailhead start at mountain Beacon Park, i m sorry is only a few miles from the train station. You can easily take one Uber or Lyft or wait because that the Beacon totally free Loop bus.

Once you obtain to the hike, you have to decide which trail come take. You have actually a few options. Ns opted because that the Casino Trail which is about 2-miles round trip. This trail complies with the path of a historical incline railway, for this reason be ready for a steep hike. The see from the overlook space great. You deserve to see the Hudson River, Beacon’s key Street, and the bordering mountains. The ruins from the historic casino and incline railway are additionally found in ~ the height of the hike.

From here, you deserve to continue ago down come the parking lot. Or, prolong your hike to the Fire Tower. If you add this, girlfriend will currently take a 4-mile round pilgrimage hike.

Lunch on key Street

After finishing your hike, friend are more than likely ready because that lunch. Take it an Uber/Lyft or the Beacon free Loop bus to main Street. This is the town’s main thoroughfare i beg your pardon is lined with historic buildings housing restaurants, cafes, and shops.

You have a couple of options for lunch. Right here are the main locations that stand the end to me:


Now that you’ve had lunch, are you all set for part culture? make your way to the Dia:Beacon museum. Girlfriend can easily walk from key Street or take the Beacon totally free Loop bus.

This modern art museum opened in 2003 in a previous Nabisco box-printing factory. This museum showcases big scale instillations and also the galleries were specifically designed through each art item in mind.

I’m going to it is in honest, I’m no the biggest fan of modern-day art. But I really delighted in the Dia:Beacon. This museum is the perfect size- it’s huge enough to feel prefer it to be worth the ticket price yet not a place where you will feel favor you need hours to see everything. 1 hour is lot of to obtain a great feel because that the museum.

Opening Hours:

*The museum is closeup of the door on Tuesdays & Wednesdays year-round + Thursdays January-March*

January–March: Friday–Monday, 11 am–4 pmApril–October: Thursday–Monday, 11 am–6 pmNovember–December: Thursday–Monday, 11 am–4 pm

Shopping + Strolling on key Street

After trying out the Dia:Beacon, head earlier to key Street. There space plenty of boutiques and speciality shops to visit follow me this street. Plus, many of the shops room housed in historic structures so the is one enjoyable ar to take it a leisurely stroll also if you don’t feel like shopping.


I do the failure of pour it until it is full up at having lunch so ns skipped dinner in Beacon. (P.S. The sections at Tito Santana Taqueria room delicious but huge so it is in warned if you likewise go below for lunch).

If you desire dinner in Beacon prior to heading back, you have actually plenty of great options. Many of the restaurants ns mentioned over for having lunch are additionally open for dinner. Or, examine out these good choices:

Doughnuts, ice cream Cream, or BOTH

Yes, i skipped dinner in Beacon, yet of food I saved room for dessert. There room two great options because that dessert along main Street: Glazed end Donuts and the Beacon Creamery.

Glazed end Donuts is a practice donut shop that allows you to produce your very own treat. You have the right to pick your glaze, toppings, and drizzle for each donut. Then, head to the glass window and watch as your donut is created. You might need to prevent here previously in the work if you are having actually a late dinner because they close in ~ 5 afternoon (6 afternoon on Fridays and also Saturdays).

Beacon Creamery stays open until 7 afternoon (6 afternoon on Sundays) and also serves several of the ideal ice cream I’ve had in a long time. You have the right to tell the scoops room homemade and created v care. I had the Killer chocolate which yes, really lived up to its name.

After your treat(s) do your way back come the train. Be certain to examine the schedule since the trains only stop in Beacon as soon as an hour.

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I expect you delighted in this Beacon day expedition itinerary. Have you been to this town? allow me understand in the comments!

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