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What’s one of the most typical questions as soon as it concerns an airsoft gun?

Allow me to answer that…

How far will the BB travel?

Well, the answer depends on rather a few factors. If we take into consideration a 200 fps airsoft gun, the actual range will depend on the form of the BB, pistol design, and performance of the hop-up system.

Needless to say, to obtain the best out of her rifle, you also need to preserve it right.

So in this article, us will comment on the How much can a 200 fps airsoft gun shoot and the mechanisms behind it.

Hold ~ above now…

We have actually some amazing stuff lined up for you.


Airsoft Gun range and Accuracy

In general, most airsoft weapons have a variety from 100 feet to around 200 feet.

High-end firearms can have actually an effective selection as far as 300 feet top top a gaming field.

Now, how far the BBs will travel relies on the form of gun. Pistols and shotguns have a lower range, vice versa, an airsoft sniper rifle has actually a much greater range. Most rifles and SMGs have actually a medium range.

Note, a high variety doesn’t typical that you will do it fire in ~ targets with higher accuracy.

The reason is, these guns don’t have a barrel architecture like an really gun. Nor do the plastic BBs complement the aerodynamic effectiveness of a bullet in any way.

But just a couple of guns in airsoft background come with an really rifle barrel. You’d need to say the reason is mainly related to manufacturing costs and also production efficiency.

So just how do lock work?

These weapons use a hop-up device for propelling the spherical BBs. The hop-up to add backspin come the BBs.

The result is, the BBs follow a curved trajectory, which permits them come cover a longer distance. If girlfriend look deeper, you’ll uncover this dubbed the Magnus effect. This happens when a spherical thing moves v a fluid, like air.

Most airsoft shooters come v an flexible hop-up system. That allows you to compensate because that the various weights the the BBs and adjust the curvature of their flight.

Frankly, you can’t expect pinpoint accuracy level from airsoft guns at high ranges.

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The an excellent news is, you can improve the variety by upgrading the internals or fine-tuning the strength system.