Locomotion and movement is among the most amazing features that this unique organism. Check out on to enrich your knowledge on the movement and also various other important aspects of Euglena.

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Euglena is a genus of single-celled organisms that are discovered in freshwater―a pond, a swim pool, or also a quiet puddle. It have the right to be determined by that oval/elliptical human body structure,which has a rounded anterior and also a straighter posterior. That has double characteristics, the plants and animals. It’s similar to a plant together it can prepare its very own food through photosynthesis. ~ above the various other hand, the quality that renders it similar to animals is its movement and capability to capture food heterotrophically.

Euglena Classification

The scientific group of Euglena is as follows:

Domain: EukaryaKingdom: ExcavataSuperphylum: DiscobaPhylum: EuglenozoaClass: EuglenoideaOrder: EuglenalesFamily: EuglenaceaeGenus: Euglena

Facts around a Euglena

The unicellular body of Euglena is bright green in color. This is because of the existence of good rod-like frameworks in it, which are the chloroplasts. However, the cellular framework of Euglena is quite different from that of tree cells, together euglinoids don’t have actually a cell wall surface made of cellulose. Rather, there is a stiff pellicle on the outer part of the cabinet membrane. It help it preserve its elliptical shape.

A distinctive quality of Euglena is that it is both autotrophic as well as heterotrophic in nature. If enough amount of sunshine is available, climate its chloroplasts absorb sunlight and also synthesize food via the photosynthesis method. As soon as production of food is not feasible due to unavailability that sunlight, they consume various other microorganisms like amoeba, paramecium, and also other essential matter existing in the water.

Euglena deserve to suck up so lot water through osmosis that it deserve to burst. Together a an effect is prevented because of presence that a distinct organelle known as contractile vacuole. The is a star-shaped framework at the rear section of the cell. It help in excreting overfill water and waste issue from the body of the Euglena.


Reproduction the a Euglena wake up by the procedure of mitosis. The cabinet gets separated into two halves, and also two single-celled organisms room produced. The ideal condition required for reproduction are heat atmospheric temperature and also sufficient food for the organism.

Euglena Movement


Euglena relocate from one location to another like one animal. When they produce their very own food, they need to move to together an area wherein they have the right to receive forced amount the sunlight. There room two attributes on that is body the facilitate in its movement. The most important is the flagellum, which is a lengthy whip-like appendage attached come the body. The turns and twists in the water in order to press the body with the water. The various other physical function that theatre a critical role in giving a sense of direction to its activity is the eyespot, additionally located in ~ the anterior of its body. The is a light-sensitive, pigmented organelle which is qualified of detecting sunlight. Thus, it orients the movement towards the direction of light, where they can collect sunlight forced for do food.

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The ability to move plays a far-reaching role in an essential life processes of Euglena, such together the synthesis of food. Unless and until it moves in the direction of a sunlit area, photosynthesis cannot even start. If you room curious to examine out the black color colored flagellum and also red colored eye-spot on Euglena, then you need to see castle under microscope. Prefer all other unicellular organisms, its size is so little that it is not visible to the naked eye.