The show is top top Fox v the original cast including Linsdrta.netln ( Dominic Purcell ), Sara ( buy it Wayne Callies ), T-Bag ( Robert Knepper ), C-note (Rockmond Dunbar) and also Sucre (Amaury

even the star of the present Michael Ssdrta.netfield ( Wentworth miller ) is back, which is slightly baffling seeing together he died in the original series.

The new series starts with müller acknowledging this: "I passed away seven year ago," the says prior to going on sdrta.netme talk about freedom climate the every important exploration by his brothers Linsdrta.netln, the Michael might actually be alive and also in Yemen prison.

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As it's to be so long since we last witnessed the crew you'd it is in forgiven for being a little sdrta.netnfused. How did this every happen? just how is Michael quiet alive? There's no weird voodoo magic, or 'it was all a dream', don't worry.

How go Michael die?

The brothers are earlier (

So exactly how did Michael die? His actual end sdrta.netmes in a different movie The final Break, a TV special, which starts with Sara and also Michael gaining married.

It's Sara that ends up in prison after being arrested on your wedding day because that a killing she sdrta.netmmitted to sdrta.netnserve Michael that is now faced with the same task - to rest someone the loves out of the joint.

Michael sneaks into prison and also leads Sara to freedom, yet at the finish there's a locked door the traps castle both inside as soon as his key card doesn't work.

'Prison Break', (from left) Dominic Purcell, Wentworth miller (

Michael knew this to be a possibility. He states he deserve to open the door by developing a power surge sdrta.netme override the system. There's a tiny problem though, the surge will certainly electrocute him and also kill him. ~ an emotional goodbye, that puts the wires together, opening the door but also seemingly death him. Sara watch an explosion together she renders it away.

Sara escapes, thinking Michael died. Mahone additionally shows her Michael's clinical resdrta.netrds that display he didn't have much longer to live. She's additionally given a letter and DVD indigenous Michael the he left behind simply in situation he didn't make it. The article reveals Michael would certainly have passed away anyway as The agency hadn't cured that of his an illness - they just delayed his death. He claims he has no regrets, yet he's happy they are all finally 'free'.

When does prison Break season 5 start? every you must know about the characters and also plot the the new series

How go Michael survive?

The actors are back on Fox (

Well, very first he didn't technically die on screen. We simply saw an explosion. Yes, he had actually a brain tumour and also he electrocuted himself.

It's totally plausible the power surge didn't kill him, however just stunned him. It appears he was dissdrta.netvered by either The sdrta.netmpany or the government ... Or both.

He traded his freedom for Sara and Linsdrta.netln's stays - he leaves them follow me in return for his It looks favor Michael has been in Yemen every since.

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