When put on a wristwatch, among the most necessary things to consider is the fit. Wear that too loosened and it can hit piece of furniture an ext easily; wear it also tight and also it have the right to squeeze your veins. That being said, that is crucial to know just how to remove watch links or even adjust your strap. Happy for you, we developed a guide so you deserve to do that yourself.

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By the end of this article, you’ll learn how to remove watch links by yourself, through or there is no a clock repair kit.

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What space the tools you need?

Fortunately, you don’t need professional tools to learn exactly how to eliminate watch links. Right here are few of the points you need to get the project done:

A pen pusher Pliers driver Hammer (optional) Tray to ar the components (optional)

To do your work a lot of easier, that is recommended the you usage an uncluttered workbench or a flat surface. Remember the you are taking care of tiny components here, which are simple to lose when you have so countless things on her table.

A Step-by-step guide on just how to remove Watch Links

1. Measure how countless links you need to remove.

First things first. Before removing anything, make sure that you understand how numerous links to remove. To execute this, wear the watch and gather increase the loosened links and also count the variety of excess ones. If you’re still not certain how countless to remove, it’s best to get rid of fewer web links first. Remember, the is much more convenient come remove an additional link 보다 to put one earlier in.

2. Remove the links.

From here, there space two approaches you have the right to use — one is by utilizing a pen pusher and the various other is by making use of a clock repair kit. Listed below are the actions that you have to do for each method.

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Method 1: By utilizing a pen pusher

Place the watch on the table through the press pins encountering up.Insert the pin pusher right into the hole and push the pen firmly.Once you’ve driven the pen enough, it will certainly pop out. Use pliers to eliminate it in addition to the link.Repeat the steps until you’ve removed the number of desired links.
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Method 2: By using a watch repair kit

Watch fix kits normally come with a watch holder. With this, ar the strap/bracelet in among the openings. Make sure that the holes of the push pins are dealing with up.Place the pusher in the hole and gently madness it v the hammer consisted of in the kit. If her kit doesn’t have one, a continuous hammer will certainly suffice.Once the pin pops out, use pliers to fully remove it.Repeat the procedure until all desired links have been removed.

3. Reconnect the watch.

Once you’ve gotten rid of the overfill links, the last thing you have to do is re-attach the other web links to attach the watch. The being said, here is what you need to do:

Line up the 2 ends the the clock links.Get the pin and also push it within the pen slot.If you have a hammer, you have the right to use it come gently press the pen inside.

4. Gain your watch.

Congratulations. You now know how to remove watch links. Currently that her timepiece fits your wrist perfectly, it’s time to reap it!

Recommended Watch link Removal Kits

If you have actually a few dollars to spare, it is constantly a good idea to invest in a watch repair kit, specifically if you desire to learn much more beyond things like exactly how to remove watch links. V that said, right here are a few products that we recommend.

1. EFIXTK 24 in 1 Kit


The EFIXTK 24 in 1 Kit will certainly make you look like a skilled watch repairman. In fact, the package includes everything that you will ever need. It has actually a watch band link pin remover with six extra tips, a double-head hammer, four-pin punches, and 20 piece of cotter pins.

Apart from the essentials, it likewise includes a clock holder to protect against the watch from wiggling together you work-related on it. This provides the job-related a lot of easier and also faster because that you. Furthermore, the pins in the kit have the right to fit various band sizes approximately 30mm. And also after adjusting the links, you can use the included towel to polish your watch.

It is really easy to introduce this watch attach removal kit as it is one of the most extensive packages in the market. Whether or no you currently know exactly how to remove watch links, this kit will make the chore a lot simpler for you.

2. Warmstor watch Repair Tool

2. Warmstor watch Repair tool Kit


While the previous kit has a many bells and whistles, the Warmstor clock Repair device Kit concentrates on the basics. To illustrate, that only consists of a sturdy clock band link remover, six pins, and a cleaning cloth.

Despite no being as extensive as the EFIXTK, this tool kit nails all the points you require as a beginner. The band connect remover is little and has actually an flexible base so you deserve to use various band thicknesses. You wouldn’t have to worry around fitting your watch even if it is you’re using a little vintage timepiece or a modern-day oversized one.

Overall, the Warmstor clock Repair tool Kit is great for people who don’t require the extras. That is a no-frills tool kit the you can easily afford. In addition, its simplicity provides it much easier to recommend to beginners who room still gaining used to tinkering with their watches prior to exploring other more complicated tools.

3. Autoxel watch Band tool Kit


For the an ext experienced folks, girlfriend will absolutely appreciate the Autoxel watch Band tool Kit. Unequal the Warmstor kit, this one is something the you will discover in a experienced watchmaker’s drawer. Indeed, it has actually the an elaborate tools for not only adjusting your watch but likewise repairing it.

To be specific, it includes a plastic watch holder, a chuck 108 piece of watch band pins, a dual-head hammer, two-pin punches, and a watch band connect remover. These tools space made with rust-resistant and also sturdy material so you’re sure that this will last you because that years.

While the tools may seem intimidating, beginners don’t have to be afraid. The kit includes a in-depth manual publication on exactly how to eliminate watch links. It also features illustrations on exactly how to correctly execute it and a summary for each tool to lessen the confusion. To optimal it all off, the Autoxel watch Band tool Kit includes a warehouse bag. This is helpful if you the type who loves travelling around.

4. Coyaho Watch attach Remover Kit


Another reliable tool that you should check out is the Coyaho Watch link Remover Kit. Merely put, the package consists of only the watch attach remover and also 12 spare beat pins. Every one of the parts stated are made v steel, making the durable.

Apart native durability, this kit is additionally easy come use. It is likewise versatile as it is compatible with different watch band sizes. Furthermore, girlfriend can likewise use it because that other basic watch repair projects. You will not only learn how to eliminate watch web links but straightforward repair projects as well.

The Coyaho Watch link Remover Kit is a an excellent tool the will help you conserve time and money from bringing her watch to the repair shop. The is convenient and is recommended because that anyone, whether beginner or expert.

5. Invicta clock Sizing Tool


Although this device is make by Invicta, the does not necessarily average that it only works because that watches under the brand. In fact, it is compatible with most bracelet sizes.

To use the Invicta clock Sizing Tool, every you need to do is put the tape or strap across the tray. As soon as you have adjusted the exactly height, merely rotate the handle. If you’re no sure how to eliminate the watch web links correctly, the package consists of a detailed guide.

Overall, the Invicta watch Sizing device will conserve you trips come the clock repair shop. So, if you want an easy-to-use device for simple link adjustments, this will carry out the job.

6. EZTool clock Repair Kit


If you want something that much more than just clears your watch links, the EZTool clock Repair Kit is the one because that you. In fact, it is among the most thorough kit on this list. It contains a 3-point Jaxa instance wrench opener, a link remover tool, a spring bar remove tool, and others.

Apart native the tools, it also includes a 41-page portrayed guide publication that will certainly take you v the process of common watchmaking tasks. Furthermore, the tools are secured in a zip-up instance so you can easily lug them wherever you go.

Whether she a experienced watchmaker or you just beginning to learn just how to remove watch links, the EZTool clock Repair Kit will surely it is in a great buy for you.

7. EasyTime skilled Watch Strap Remover tool Kit


Tired that going to the repair shop to have actually your clock adjusted? that time to gain the EasyTime skilled Watch Strap Remover device Kit. This package gets you a spring bar tool kit, a band attach remover, a watch band holder, a hammer, and tools for opened the watch.

The tools contained are every made through high-quality materials. This means that it is durable and will critical you year of intensive use. Furthermore, the tools come through a nylon zipper bag so you can obtain the project done wherever you are.

If you’re in the market for something that will cover all kinds of watch repairs and modifications, this kit will suffice. No doubt, this will certainly make a an excellent gift because that watch enthusiasts and collectors who desire to learn just how to remove watch links on their own.

8. Vastar clock Repair Kit


Lastly, one more kit that will certainly make you look favor a expert is the Vastar clock Repair Kit. The contains almost everything you require for repairing or adjusting watches. Moreover, it can likewise cater to oversized watches. In fact, the instance opener is flexible up to 52mm!

Inside the package, you will find the following: a feather bar remover, anti-magnetic screwdriver, anti-magnetic tweezers, and spring pins in miscellaneous sizes. Aside from the tools, the totality package additionally includes an operation manual. It offers guides on exactly how to remove watch links, open watch casebacks, change batteries, adjusting bands, and also more.

It likewise comes with a black color nylon case for convenient storage and also portability. Truly, the Vastar clock Repair Kit is perfect because that watchmakers, collectors, and also beginners alike.

FAQ on just how to remove Watch Links

How must the watch fit?

A rule of ignorance is that a watch have to not slide much more than one inch up or down when you relocate your wrist. If it does, it means it’s too loose and you have to remove watch links to adjust the fit. On the various other hand, if the uncomfortable and also leaves a red imprint on her wrist, it means it’s too tight and also that you should add links.

What if ns don’t have the suitable tools?

If friend don’t have the suitable tools, then issue not. You can still learn exactly how to eliminate watch web links with a few common household items. Because that instance, you have the right to use any thin and pointy thing instead of the pin pusher. Likewise, friend can also substitute a block of lumber for a hammer.

Is the a should to learn how to eliminate watch links?

Learning exactly how to eliminate watch links is not forced per se. I assure you that no clock snob will certainly look under on girlfriend for taking your timepiece come a shop because that adjustments. However, the is highly recommended because that beginners and also experts alike. Personally from saving time and also effort, you will additionally save roughly $10-$20 because that every adjustment.

Lastly, there are times once you have to unexpectedly undertake the watch. Rather of wait for the watch repair shop to open the next morning, you deserve to do it you yourself in the comfort of your very own home.

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Final Notes

Now that you know exactly how to remove watch links, you have the right to then conserve up on clock services and also instantly change your watch on your very own in instance of an emergency. Even if it is you’re a watch collector or a beginner, the is essential to learn how to remove watch links independently.


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