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What go the name Chloe Mean?

Chloe, regularly spelled Chloë or Chloé, way "blooming" or "fertility" in Greek. Its literal translation refers to young shooting of foliage that appear in the spring.

The Proto-Indo-European root the Chloe beginning from way "yellow or environment-friendly color." This is the exact same prefix in the word chlorophyll, the problem that offers plants their environment-friendly color, and also through i beg your pardon they transform sunlight right into energy. Chlorine and chloroplast likewise share this etymological feature.

The Greek goddess Demeter, goddess of farming and the harvest, was sometimes referred come by the epithet Chloe. Chloe additionally appears in the new Testament as among the faster Christian converts.

Origin: Chloe has old Greek origins.Gender: Chloe is generally used as a girl's name.Pronunciation: KLOH-ee

Although plenty of baby names space separated by gender, Verywell family believes that sex does not have to play a duty in her name selection process. It’s necessary to pick a name the you feeling suits your new baby the best.

How renowned Is the name Chloe?

Originally, Chloe come into typical use after ~ the good news Reformation, which resulted in a resurgence of christening babies through biblical names. It has actually been a repetitively well-used name in English-speaking nations like Ireland, the UK, and Australia and also it has actually grown in usage much more recently in Spain and also Italy.

Chloe has been a peak 100 name due to the fact that 1998 and was a top 20 surname from 2005 with 2016 before dropping contempt below. It peaked as a height 10 name in between 2008 and 2011.

Chloe to be a optimal 1,000 name from 1880, the faster year the society Security administration has data available, through 1943. It fell off the charts until 1982, when it reentered at #849. It has grown steadily in popularity since, and it will certainly likely proceed to it is in a common name in the comes years.

surname Variations

There are number of variant spellings of the surname Chloe. The common variation, Chloë, supplies a diaeresis note over the letter e to suggest that it need to be pronounced separately from the o, fairly than being silent. One more common spelling is the French variation Chloé.

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Because it's a biblical name, various languages have adjusted the spelling come fit right into their stories. Take a look with these alternate spellings that Chloe:


Famous human being Named Chloe

Chlöe, American singer who provides a mononym and also began performing in ~ the age of 13, to be originally component of the duo Chloe x HalleChloë Agnew, Irish singer and also the youngest original member the the Celtic music team Celtic WomanChloë Alper, English singer and bass player for the band Pure reason RevolutionChloe Bennett, Chinese-American actress and singer known for her starring function as Daisy Johnson in "Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D."Chloe Bridges, American actress, singer, and also pianist who played Zoe Moreno in the sitcom "Freddie"Chloe Dao, American fashion designer and also television personality and winner the the second season that "Project Runway"Chloe Smith, American singer and also musician known for her social activism associated to concerns of the environment, racial inequality, and cultural appropriation.Chloe Sutton, American vain swimmer that specializes in freestyle and also long-distance eventsChloe Webb, American actress known for her duty in the movie "Sid and also Nancy"Chloé Zhao, Chinese-American filmmaker known for her work-related in live independence U.S. FilmsKhloé Alexandra Kardashian, American fact TV star made renowned in "Keeping Up v the Kardashians"

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