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Yesterday, one Australian tourist right here in Medellin, Colombia request me how do you say thief in Spanish. My initial reaction to be to tell him “ladrón.” yet then ns thought about it . . .

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How come Say Mugger In Spanish

It really counts on the kind of thief that you room referring to. The Spanish word “ladrón” have the right to refer come the kind of thief who would be taken into consideration a mugger in English. “Ladrón” likewise refers come the type of thief who breaks into a residence or a burglar.

How come Say housebreaker In Spanish

Ayer un ladrón entró a la tienda y se llevó ropa, dinero y perfumes. (Yesterday a burglar entered the store and took clothes, money and perfume.)


How come Say Cat housebreaker In Spanish

And if you space referring come a cat burglar, you can use the phrase “ladrón escalador.” “Ladrón escalador” literally method climbing burglar.

El ladrón escalador trepó por el desagüe y entró a la casa por una ventana abierta en el tercer piso. (The burglar scaled the drainpipe and entered the home through an open window on the third floor.)

But if you room talking about the type of thief that deprives someone of their home by way of swindling such as a con man, con artist or scammer, the Spanish word that you need to use is “estafador.”

Los estafadores boy ladrones que, en lugar de asaltar, engañan a la gente para quitarle dinero o cosas. (Con artists are thieves who, instead of mugging, deceive civilization in order to take away your money or things.)

How to Say Pickpocket In Spanish

However, if you room referring to the form of thief who is a pickpocket, the Spanish word that you have to use is “carterista.” “Carterista” originates from the indigenous “cartera” (wallet).

Un carterista me robó el dinero. Él sacó mi cartera del bolsillo sin que me diera cuenta. (A pickpocket stole mine money. He take it my wallet native my bag so that i didn’t notice.)

Notice the the Spanish indigenous “carterista” is both masculine and feminine.

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But in Colombia, the word supplied for “carterista” or pickpocket is “raponero.” and in Colombia the verb for “to pickpocket” is “raponear.” In Colombia, a different word (raponero) is supplied for pickpocket due to the fact that a wallet is not referred to as a “cartera” in Colombia but a “billetera.”

How come Say petty Crook In Spanish

You may likewise hear the word “ratero” supplied in Colombia and also other parts of Latin America to refer to a small crook.