January is winter for many of the north hemisphere, and also of food it snows in Japan, too. Hokkaido, Tohoku and Hokuriku are areas with quite a most snow. While there room a couple of ways to define snow in English, walk you recognize there are more than 100 methods to define it in Japanese? Let’s take a look at simply six amazing examples.

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Zarame means coarse mesh, and this is a type of snow you"ll often discover in the spring when the snow partially melts, climate freezes again at night. After going earlier and soon a few times, it becomes a lover crystal ball that looks choose sugarcane. Simply don"t put it in your tea!


The snowfall naturally forms a shape that looks like a cute small hat, or boshi. It looks so soft and also white! Don"t you want to try it on?


This describes snowflakes that space as big and beautiful as a peony, or botan. It"s so large you can plainly see the pattern of the snowflake. You"ll want to organize this wonderful gift native nature in her hands forever!


In spring, snow that"s not totally melted turns to ice overnight, giving it a tough (katai) class on top. Just be careful how lot weight you placed on it!

This explains the snow that looks prefer soft and delicious mochi, a sort of pounded rice cake that"s additionally used in particular kinds that sweets. However you"ll only have actually the cold months to appreciate this feast because that the eyes!These are simply a couple of of the methods to describe snow in Japanese! that course, snow likewise always reminds us of the standard J-pop monitor "Yuki-no-Hana," too. Perhaps you"ve heard it?

Stay residence

It's a tough time ideal now, and we all have to do our part. However staying home deserve to still it is in a profitable and hopeful (if challenging!) experience!

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