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November 15, 2016


If you room in Japan for organization or travel, or meeting you Japanese friend’s family in your very own country, we room sure you would certainly love to impress your Japanese hosts v your Japanese language skills.

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You desire to introduce yourself, say hello and learn exactly how to to speak nice to meet you in Japanese. However you have actually heard that it is complicated and a mistake can cause great confusion or trouble.

Don’t worry! right here we carry you part useful tips for the successful an initial meeting for every Japanese beginners. You’ll find out formal and also informal Japanese phrases in this blog post.

Discover the list of peak 10 currently to present Yourself in Japanese

1. My name is .

こんにちは。わたしは です。Konnichi wa. Watashi wa desu.“Hello. My name is .”


こんにちは。わたしは ひろこ です。Konnichi wa. Watashi wa hiroko desu.“Hello. My surname is Hiroko.”

わたし (Watashi) is a polite way for males or females to say “I” or “me.”

2. Nice to fulfill you.

Just as important, remember come say:

はじめまして。Hajimemashite.“Nice to satisfy you.”

or the unique expression:

どうぞ よろしくお願いします。Dozo yoroshiku onegai shimasu.This about translates come “Please act me well.”

You can additionally say “よろしくお願いします。(yoroshiku onegaishimasu.)” only, without どうぞ (dozo) at the beginning.

or formal and polite expressions:

お会いできてうれしいです。O-ai dekite ureshī desu.“I’m happy to accomplish you.”

お目にかかれて嬉しいです。O-me ni kakarete ureshī desu.“It’s a satisfied to fulfill you.”

お目にかかれて光栄です。O-me ni kakarete kōei desu.“It’s an honour come be watched by you.” or “It is an respect to meet you.”

お目にかかる (O-me ni kakaru) is the humble kind of 会う (Au; meet).

Using this sort of phrase shows respect because that the person and likewise that you space looking forward to a an excellent relationship v them. This little Japanese is sure to do a great impression! That’s why you need to learn typical Japanese words and also phrases. If you’re not acquainted with Japanese native yet, watch them up in the Japanese dictionary.


初めまして。どうぞお入り下さい。はじめまして。どうぞおはいりください。Hajimemashite. Dōzo o-iri kudasai.“Please come in, the nice to meet you.”

初めまして、ピーター。私の名前はリチャードです。はじめまして、ピーター。わたしのなまえはリチャードです。Hajimemashite, pītā. Watashinonamaeha richādodesu.

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“Hello Peter, my name is Richard and it is pretty to satisfy you.”

初めまして。はじめまして。Hajimemashite.“Nice to accomplish you, sir.”

Check this Video series to discover All simple Japanese You have to Perfectly connect with native Speakers!

Keep in mind that in Japanese, we offer our complete names by saying an initial the last name and also then the very first name. So, take the person’s last surname and better attach the suffix san (さん), and also now you can greet human being politely in Japanese! Click below if you desire to understand which Japanese suffix use to which person and how to usage them all: San, Chan, Kun, Sama…

You will surprise everyone through your Japanese an abilities and politeness. Now civilization will it is in pleased to accomplish you and also your efforts won’t go unappreciated!

If you desire to find out Japanese v our fun and also effective Japanese lessons, you re welcome visit! and also check out our Japanese native of the job to enhance your vocabulary every day!