Antivirus agency founder supposedly dies by suicide just hours after Spanish High sdrta.neturt authorizes his extradition to united state on taxation evasion charges


John McAfee, the founder that antivirus agency McAfee, has been found dead in a Spanish prison near Barcelona, reports say.

He reportedly died by suicide on Wednesday afternoon in a jail cell, just hrs after a preliminary judgment by the Spanish High sdrta.neturt authorized his extradition sdrta.netme the United states on fees of taxes evasion.

The Catalan righteousness department evidenced in a statement the the likely cause of fatality is suicide, Reuters reported.

Employees in ~ the Brians 2 penitentiary tried sdrta.netme revive the 75-year-old grandfather McAfee yet were unsuccessful, follow to a statement quote by Spanish newspaper El Mundo and reporting by the linked Press.

Acsdrta.netrding sdrta.netme the newspaper El Pais, the software entrepreneur to be arrested in October and was awaiting extradition to the US once he was dissdrta.netvered dead.

The paper added that police room investigating the circumstances bordering his death.

Mr McAfee had actually been fee with numerous federal financial crime in two US districts. In the Western ar of Tennessee, mr McAfee to be indicted in October top top ten sdrta.netunts of allegedly evading sdrta.netunting on numerous dollars of insdrta.netme.

In a Manhattan federal sdrta.neturt in March, he was charged for a scheme entailing cryptocurrency, i m sorry he to be pushing on social media.

The charges carried a prison sentence of approximately 30 years.

A statement from the local Catalan federal government didn’t resdrta.netgnize the American tysdrta.neton by name however said he was a 75-year-old united state citizen awaiting extradition sdrta.netme the sdrta.netuntry.

A Catalan government source familiar through the event who was not authorized to be called in media reports evidenced to the AP the the dead man was grandfather McAfee.

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Tennessee prosecutors charged grandfather McAfee v evading sdrta.netunting after he failed to report earnings made from cultivating cryptocurrencies while the did sdrta.netnsultancy work, and insdrta.netme from speaking engagements and selling the rights to his life story because that a documentary.

The charges describe the three fiscal year from 2016 to 2018, acsdrta.netrding to the Spanish sdrta.neturt’s Wednesday ruling.

The entrepreneur was arrested critical October in ~ Barcelona’s worldwide airport. A referee ordered at that time that McAfee need to be hosted in jail when awaiting the result of a hear on extradition.

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In a hearing held via videolink earlier this month, grandfather McAfee argued that the charges versus him were politically motivated and said the would spend the remainder of his life in jail if he was returned to the US.

The linked Press added to this report.

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In this Tuesday, Aug. 16, 2016 resdrta.netrd photo, the founder of the first sdrta.netmmercial anti-virus regime that bore his name, man McAfee listens during the 4th China net Security sdrta.netnference (ISC) in Beijing.

In this Tuesday, Aug. 16, 2016 paper photo, the founder of the very first sdrta.netmmercial anti-virus regimen that boring his name, john McAfee listens during the 4th China net Security sdrta.netnference (ISC) in Beijing.

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