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How to say ...beer in French: bière

Learning French for take trip or study? Let’s try this term:

To say ...beer in French: bièreSay it out loud: “bee airh

You have the right to learn exactly how to say ...beer and over 220 other travel-friendly words and also phrases v our inexpensive, easy-to-use French language cheat sheets. We can aid you do your following trip to another country even more fun and immersive. Click below!

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Some more helpful words in our French drink category:

...a glass the – un verre de (ahn vair day)...a liter of – un litre de (ahn lee tuh day)...beer – bière (bee airh)...red/white wine – vin rouge / blanc (vahn rooj / blahn)bottled water – eau en bouteille (oh ahn bō tay yeh)carbonated water – gazéifiée (gazz uh fee)coffee / tea – coffee shop / thé (café / tay)hot water – eau chaude (oh shoad)no ice cream – pas de glace (pah doo glass)water – eau (oh)… a party of – une bouteille de (oon bō tell ee duh)….house wine – vin maison (vahn may zoh)

And here’s exactly how to speak ...beer in other languages!

Arabic–Bera (be ra)Chinese–...Píjiǔ (...Pee Jyo)Croatian–piva (pee vuh)Czech–pivo (pee vo)Finnish–…olutta (oh lut tah)French–bière (bee airh)German–bier (beeya)Italian–birra (beer uh)Japanese–…Bīru (…Bee Roo)Korean–… Maekju (… Maek Joo)Polish–piwo (pee" vo)Portuguese–...Cerveja (...sehr vay juh)Russian–piva (pee vah)Spanish–cerveza (sair vay suh)Swahili–bia (beer)Thai–Bia (bee-ah)Turkish–bira (beer uh)Vietnamese–… Bia (… Beeuh)

"...beer" (bière) is a common beverage in numerous cultures and also when on tourism you will keep in mind this at the native entertainment spots, if you like experimenting with drinks just get in the regional pub and also ask "may I have actually a cold "...beer" (bière)" or girlfriend may call your friend and ask the "could you lug some "...beer" (bière) to mine room?" gain instant accessibility to the French Language Set.

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