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Massand volume

Measuring the massive of liquid

Mass is measured through scales.Digital scales are more precise and also easier to use than mechanichalscales ( like roberval scale )The fixed of a fluid can"t be straight measured through depositing it on thescale since a fluid is always accompanied by a container.The fixed of a liquid have the right to be measure up using one of these 2 methods:Methodn°1:- measure up the fixed of the empty container.- pour the liquid into the container and also measure the new mass.- The massive of liquid is obtained by individually the massive of thecontainer to the complete mass.Method n° 2 (Easier and faster):- ar the empty container top top the balance.- Tare the range (by pushing the tare button). The range then displayszero.- to water the liquid into the container. The massive of liquid is directlydisplayed.

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